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  1. When the position is selected, change the size of the font in the text menu
  2. I have just noticed an issue with dimensions in viewports. My custom (coming from hand drafting and being left handed) was that for vertical dimensions I would run the text oriented to the left side of the page so that in VW, I would flip the text on those dimensions. Now when I then put a drawing with flipped dimension text into a viewport, those dimensions unflip and read from the right side of the page. If I dimension in the annotations and flip the text, they stay flipped.
  3. Another thing to try is to do the label legend in the color.
  4. I get around the inability to change the color of a lighting symbol by have different color label legends.
  5. I would also be interested in solutions to this problem as well. I have all four sides of a rectangular grid as different positions but at the corners sometimes fixtures hung on the bottom or top position will get assigned to the side position.
  6. It is also in the help file but the video had some tricks and better explanation on how to do it.
  7. Recently I got an email with a link to a video of step by step instructions how to do a custom title block. I watched it but now that I am ready to do one, I cannot find the link or locate it on the web site. Any body know where it is or can send the link? Thanks.
  8. Problem solved. I got two stand alone versions and I was using the serial number from the other stand alone. I did not realize that the last 6 digits were the same from version to version. Had I used the other serial number every thing would have been fine. Thanks for the help on the phone.
  9. Thanks. I am running windows xp. Were is the preference file located?
  10. I did not get new dongles with this upgrade. I was told the previous dongles would work. Again when the Serial number window opens with the new 2008 serial number already in the left window and when I go to "add" a serial # the message is that the serial # will end with the last digits from my 12.5 version. If I enter that serial # the message is that # is not a valid serial #
  11. I just received 2008 (15 seat lab and 2 stand alone)and installed one of the stand alone on my laptop. I did the install of 2008 with the "B" serial Number and then the dongle driver. When I go to start up 2008, I get the message "A VectorWorks dongle has been found but it does not match the one specified by your serial number, You will now be given the opportunity to enter a new serial number" It then opens up the Serial Number window with the new 2008 serial number I entered at the installation highlighted in the serial number window. Clicking on the add button gives me a message the the serial number for your dongle will end in the numbers from my 12.5 version of VW. It will not accept the 12.5 #. I am using the dongle that I have had for the last gseveral versions of the program. What do I need to do. Thanks
  12. Yes. The flip text command in the OIP.
  13. The new chain dimension command no longer has the flip dimension option. I found it useful on occasion. It is still there on the regular dimensions.
  14. I color code by having different label legend colors
  15. Turns out the problem was that Windows did not have a default browser assigned. Now that it does, help will run even though VW is not on the primary hard drive.
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