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  1. why you do not create a very easy workspace > only 2D elements > line, rotate ie. and a default worksheet with 2 or 3 layers > reduce the menu to a minimum. i think vw 2008 is so easy peter
  2. sorry i forgot cadintosh from lemke(they do also the graphic converter>a must)
  3. first>marlboro light ;-) second>vw 2008 plus digitizer third>turbo cad happy easter peter
  4. UNIVERS (frutiger) is available as a open font type> you can us it on mac osx and win > you have to buy it (starts 25euro up to 1200euro) have a look at > www.fontshop.de or www.linotype.com peter
  5. we are creating a viewport reference which gets a separate layer . this is rotated and placed on utm grid (north/east) export to dxf or dwg. never had complains from any engineer. peter
  6. have a look here>>> http://30pro.de/support/ral-colors.pdf peter
  7. thanks for your info, we will check it. the new reference tool in vw 2008 is a big help for us... we have a lot to do with microstation drawings, were referencing is used extensively. meaning a drawing with hundreds of refs. peter
  8. step1> in drawing A on layer 1 you create a VP1 saved on designlayer 2 step2 in drawing 2 you refence drawing 1 with disgnlayer 2 as a viewportreference . this viewport has a nested viewport. when you update drawing A only layer2 is updated not the implemented VP. peter
  9. we have in our drawings referenced viewports, within these viewports are nested viewports. all nested viewport do not update automatically. is this correct or do i miss some thing? peter
  10. the updated plugins are out >>>http://www.vectorbits.com/VectorBits/home.html peter
  11. > is a clean new installation after updating to leopard recommended?
  12. go to: Applications >Vector Works 2008 >>VW Help >>>Additional Documentation >>>>>pdf files peter
  13. first happy new and a good 2008, XRONIA POLLA we got(last week) a new mac pro in our office with vw 2008 and tiger(macos 10.4.11) our dealer told us vw2008 would run much more stable on 10.4 than on macos 10.5. so my question is : would you recommend updating ? and if yes would you than reinstall vw2008 ? any suggestions ? peter
  14. hebrow work fine here, what are your laguage settings?(mac) peter
  15. ?????????, no local version in greece. we are happy to work with the international version( if the boat is coming) peter
  16. Christiaan, your clients, oderers, partners or consultant are requesting a standard? which one? we are working with any standard requested by our clients ISO, DIN, ELOT or Designhandbook. the last ten years we did workshopdrawings for projects in europe (6.5 billion budget) - we did the designhandbook and QC the rest with our partners. i can tell you that you can buy the complet set of ISO 128 and on monday morning you are looking for hard insoulation and ISO 128 says nothing about it. in ISO 128 you will find the smallest common denominator which is sometimes far away from drafting and design reality. kalinixta from greece peter
  17. Christiaan, there are only national standards like german, english and finish. there are national organisations and companys like DIN and... that are publishing there standards for money. there is no book on the market you are looking for . a collection of all europian standards(drafting) will cost you some thousand Euros. peter
  18. Christiaan, the book you are looking for has to be written, there is nothing on the market. AEC offers you a LAYER structure and a filenaming structure. Neufert is a disignguideline but no standard. if it goes to court you can not rely on Neufert. YOU have to create the standard in your designhandbook and your partners consultant or .... has to deliver in accordance. if you are not in the position to create a designhandbook and follow up your orderer shall give you the standards. a designhandbook shall include all, from filestructure to lineweight. as allways what you dont request will not happen. have a nice day kalimera from greece
  19. KALISPERA petri is right again on this there is no EN on this issue there is an ISO 128part 50 from 2001 section .... and there are national standards like the greek, german and and peter ps. is there a finish standart on tis issue?
  20. ISO 128 unfilled triangle >top level finish filled tringle > top level slab text without line top left check DIN 1356 XRONIA POLLA peter
  21. Katie, is there a limitation on the aount of fonts? in win and macos? peter
  22. hello world. has noboby a idea? no fontexpert online. peter ps: i guess petri would have a solution , we miss him here.
  23. can someone explain how VW12.5 deals with fonts and keyboard? peter
  24. i konow there only a few out there working with greek fonts (unicode) here it comes>>> VW uses for the greek character (03BC) mi(little m) the font of mirco(00B5).The problem is that a lot of fonts do not have this location. here it comes>>> on XPpro VW types the Simga(03A3)(capital) correct, until you will edit it. VW puts after every SIGMA the letters tm). VW repeats this as often as you try to edit. question>>> is this a VW issue or a OS issue? is there any way out of this VW13... greetings from a sunny little island peter
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