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  1. VECTORBITS told us that the 2008 version runs also on 2009 peter
  2. VW2008SP3 on our MACOSX 10.5.7 works without any bad behavior, at least here. no crash, no workspace issue peter
  3. download the plugin at http://www.nemetschek.net i think you have to go to architect. peter
  4. go and get LEVEL DIMENSION from vektorbits (freeware) http://www.vectorbits.com/VectorBits/free/free.html peter
  5. we never came to this because we use only numeric id's
  6. what format are you exporting from your leica. are you using leica office or sierra dl02? did you try DXF export import? peter check your Format Manager Documentation from leica and your exportstring. can you open the export file on your pc with word pad?
  7. the ID is numerical the description can be alpha-numerical peter
  8. sorry, try this one http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/5171/vwfirewall.png
  9. hello had this massage this morning, first time, shall i allow or should i deny this is the question.... http://www.me.com/ro/hotdox/Galleries/100023/VW_FIREWALL/web.jpg?ver=12375423250001
  10. you can find it at www.fontshop.de. they have two different BRAILLE fonts. peter
  11. most totalstation can transfer the selected points and data via DXF. so you can import the 3d points in any VW drawing. this is our daily bread and butter. we work with a pentax totalstation and a promark 3 gps. never ever had any import problem. peter
  12. >>>ask the people at http://www.computerworks.de as far i know there is no interface (GAEB i.e.) for VW available put it on the wishlist, nemetschek knows a lot about it(allplan,archicad has it) peter
  13. have also a look here, ADA cap 4.30 SIGNAGE>>> Proportion of International symbol of Accessibility http://www.ada.gov/adastd94.pdf it is more or less what Christiaan posted ps. ADA is a standard bible
  14. the message disappear after copying all objects into a new blank file. but !!! you cant copy the references and viewports, any solution??? still do not know the source of the worksheet "MATERIAL Take off" thanks for helping pete
  15. tim i do not knowingly have a worksheet named "MATERIAL Take off", nevertheless i will check if this worksheet is part of a symbol. our local distributor has no idea. tech support is only for you guys in america. greetings from 'MAMAMIA island' skopelos.... peter
  16. RAY, thanks for reply latest mac os, and latest SP3. what is the reference format "NNA#@_MATERIAL Take off" ? peter
  17. we receive a message when opening a file>>> 'the reference format "NNA#@_MATERIAL Take off" will be broken.' no idea what this do to me. any suggestion??? peter
  18. history, in the old days of DOS3 you could only name a file with 8, 16, ...64 digits it was the lowest common denominator, as we know you can describe with 4 digits the world. nowadays i it is much more convenient to name layers as proposed. we try not to use abbrev. at all;-) peter
  19. redraw/regen (phatom) is also a case here, an mac. (mac pro 2.6 quad and XT 1900 ati) peter
  20. yes. paper is for everyone> e-mail is only on request.
  21. we are working according KISS>Keep It Simple Stupid business mails are printed with headers two backups a day with BACKUP (mac) done peter
  22. create a symbol from the hatch than you can rotate peter
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