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  1. Everyone:

    I am not aware of any of these problems post-SP1. If you have specific examples, please e-mail me directly with the files and explanations, at cgraye@vectorworks.net.

    I will say this, however - when you are trying to "T-join" at an "L-join", the component joins of the L-join will be removed. This is by design. We are aware that joining components at these three-way intersections is a major wish, and we plan to address it in a future release. But for now, this is the expected behavior.

  2. * I can no longer create a clean T join with the join component tool. I get an error saying "walls must be joined before components can be joined". In 2009 I could create a clean joint with 1 command. Now I have to use T wall join, then T component join.

    This is by design. Due to some new features, we had to remove this automatic behavior. But did you know that if you have the auto join walls preference on and give your walls core components in either their Wall Styles or in the Wall Preferencs, you can have your wall components join automatically when you join the walls?

    * T joins at corners, where you have 2 exterior walls L shaped, and want an interior partition aligned with the interior face of the GWB are problematic. The joint seems to revert to some odd state at will.

    This is a known issue that has been fixed for the first service pack. But please still do submit your issues as JPA requested so that we can test out your files and make sure everything is working correctly. Thank you.

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