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  1. jorge

    can't render!

    yep, rendering on screen, but you just touched the other subject... i will then need to export as an image to photoshop... how ? by the way everything is helping a lot ! thanks
  2. jorge

    can't render!

    file is around 4 megs, i had a lot of transparencies, i've tried to make all of them one single object. that seems to work a little.... what would be a safe memory allocation for vectorworks?
  3. jorge

    can't render!

    Mike, thanks for answering... i'm running system 8.6 and i allocated 128 megs to vectorworks. when i tell the machine to render, it takes about 45 minutes to then tell me ita ran out of memory...... no other aplications are running at the time.
  4. jorge

    can't render!

    help, i got a g3 233mghz with 288 ram but i can't get the thing to render using lightworks.... got a 7 story building and need to render with materials help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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