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  1. Thanks alot Pete. Sills was the problem.
  2. Yes None class is visible and the class option is set to show/snap/modify others. I have three different panel doors and one flush folding door and all of them display this way. In the 3d view everything displays fine.
  3. I am using VW Architect 12.5 on a Windows xp machine. I have a basic floor plan drawn on the floorplan layer. I have external walls, internal walls, doors main, etc. classes. My door are on the floorplan layer as the doors main class. I placed the doors in the walls as usual and the break in the walls were created and the door jamb is displayed. The actual door itself flickers for an instant and then disappears. I have checked all through my visibilities and cannot find any reason why they wood not display. I cannot figure out why would only part of the door object display. I have spent more hours trying to figure out this diplay issue than I have drawing the floorplans. I am getting really frustrated and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Pat
  4. pg3d

    Creating PDF

    I'm an idiot. I had been searching previous posts but was not finding anything thus I posted the question. However, I was not changing the date and was only getting recent posts. I am on Windows XP, I'll try out some of the other pdf creation software recommended in some old posts and see I have the same problem.
  5. Could anyone tell me the best way to create a pdf from vectorworks 12? I have started using some trial versions of different pdf creation software and have not had very good luck. Could be sleep deprivation or maybe if I would quit banging my head on my keyboard I could think more clearly. One pdf printer driver I was trying leaves off the dimension of the floor plan. I think it was Bluebeam Lite. Any software suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. pg3d

    DWG Import Problem

    I have have a title block and four sheets added created from the template. I have one line drawn, so I guess it would be an existing drawing. I need to be able to import the existing dwg floor plan to trace over it in VW.
  7. I am attempting to import a DWG file into Vectorworks 12. The file imports correctly as a class and is displayed at the correct scale. However, once I switch between viewports or saved views I lose the it and I can no longer see the imported floorplan. I have tried setting the visibilites for the new class created when the file was importing but that has no effect. Am I retarded and missing something? I have been working on this and I am having no luck. Thanks for your help. pat


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