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  1. Are you trying to double-click it ? If so, first open VW and then try to grab the file through File > Open? Maybe dragging the file from the USB stick on to your mac HD helps as well.
  2. Create a hatch, and apply it as a non associative hatch to polygons that you draw over the elevations. Ungroup and Convert to 3D polygons, next stick them to the walls/objects - just a tad away from their actual surfaces (so that the 3D hatch objects float over them). This process can be more tedious than just using textures (esp. with wall openings etc), but sometimes their drop shadows can give a nice visual effect. Perhaps take a look at this podcast by Jonathan Pickup.
  3. Given some fundamental changes in the macOS, I'd recommend a clean install. Along with it, I took the opportunity to do some cleaning up and get rid of some small applications that were no longer of use. Installs, Preferences, Cache files etc. are now all fresh and clean. IMHO it was very much worth the time invested. We've done the Archive and Install on several other macs in the office - some went OK, but others had serious issues with the Home folder turning into a regular folder. After this problem (known by Apple and documented in their forums) we followed their repair procedures but didn't succeed - meaning we had to go for a Clean Install anyway. About a backup of your personal files : of course we all have that :-P Best of luck.
  4. I don't think you actually need to unlink or delete the layer link. Just make your changes in the source layer, and the link will update automatically.
  5. Archie is a caps only handwritten style font, available at http://www.nemetschek.net/community/addons/misc.php Seems to me that most US people prefer a handwritten font, am I right ? Using Courier in my title block at the moment ;-)
  6. Settings : your user account / Library / Preferences / VectorWorks Preferences Tools, windows layout etc = Workspaces ? HD / Applications / VectorWorks / Workspaces
  7. @ J.Miller I seem to have some as separate png files. PM me if you'd like me to send them over.
  8. If you're on a Mac, you might take a look into AppleScript.
  9. Drawing in the intended output scale of the final prints, helps me decide how much detail to add.
  10. My best suggestion : Adobe Photoshop Elements Simple pixel drawing, no photograph manipulation : Pixen from the OpenSword Group Something to watch out for perhaps : Pixelmator
  11. VectorWorks Preferences > first tab > Snap to Loci. Now insert a locus (one click), to get reference lines in both X and Y axis.
  12. Assign the hatch to your object using the Attr Palette, so it's associative. Next, move the object until the hatch aligns the way you want it, and finally make it into a symbol. This symbol can be moved around in the drawing, with the hatch following every step.
  13. So, after reading this thread and obviously other good stuff, were you able to make any progress already ? What exactly is your "blindspot" at this time ?
  14. Hmm, the tool should be there (look for an icon with two horizontal walls and a downward arrow). Window no attributes is the way to go IMHO.
  15. There's a guide into drawing a simple house at the Benelux site. It's in Dutch, but it may be of help if you'd study the screenshots.
  16. If the angled corner is a leftover from an L-joint with another wall, you can use the Heal Wall tool. Adding openings can be done by inserting a symbol or a Wall opening (tool).
  17. Starting from a fresh document, you have but one layer. Open the Layers dialog, and give it a height (delta-Z). Now, when you create a new layer, you'll see that VW puts it right on top of the former one - the layers are being stacked like in a real building. That being the default behavior, you can always enter other values : perhaps you want a split-level, or even 2 layers at the same level. You can lift layers apart from each other and in doing so create a cavity to put floors. Your roof can sit on it's own layer, depending on the complexity. Whatever layer you're drawing on, you can pretend it's bottom level to be zero. The layer links and the Stack Layers command on the other hand put things "in perspective" (i.e. stacks the layers).
  18. Go to Organize menu > Layers? Create a layer for each floor level, giving it the right Z value and layer height. Insert your objects into their appropriate layers. Walls will automatically adjust in height. Next, create a "MODEL" layer. From the View menu, go Layer Links?, and choose your individual floor level layers. You'll see the complete model, with everything on it's own height. There's a lot more to tell on the subject no doubt, but understanding the principle of VectorWorks layers is a good place to start IMHO. Not in the least because it takes a different approach as AutoCAD layers. Best of luck !
  19. You can download a freebie from my site, called "Verdeel Afstand". If you're struggling with the language, just PM me.
  20. Whenever you duplicate a stair that is set to fit a Floor to Floor height, open the Object Info Palette, switch to the Data tab and delete the contents of the top box (object's name). This text will be recreated automatically, but now you have two independant Stair objects. This tip was originally handed to me by Robert A - thanks ;-)
  21. Thanks to all for commenting, and thank you Katie for the invitation. File was sent. BTW : the template was newly built in v12, but the Hatches library file was definitely from an older version - typically opened and saved in every new program update.
  22. @ islandmon : really sounds like what I'm seeing - and maybe my Hatches Library was created with v10 (but I don't remember). BTW, most names look like codes : 23. M50_2h I may have been using somewhat strange characters ? @ Katie : absolutely, without a problem. Seems that every now and then, for a yet unknown reason, the imported hatches become unclickable. BTW : I tried to copy/paste a non-clickable hatch-filled object into a new blank document, and it became clickable. So I still suspect it to be a document-related issue.
  23. Thanks for all the comments so far. @ Ray : sorry, I forgot to mention - but my hatch does have a solid fill. @ jan15 : hovering over the background fill or the hatch lines doesn't make a difference, neither of them are clickable. @ Katie : class and layer options should be fine. Force Select (as part of the contextual menu I suppose) needs a Ctrl-click on the object - but because my cursor doesn't see an object, I don't even get the contextual menu. Option-drag over an edge of the object works (obviously, because the border is being selected - as are many unwanted objects?). For now, I took a new blank file and made a WG Reference. After removing the reference, all objects worked OK - so I could copy/paste them into a new template. Clearly, I'm looking for another way, because now I've lost all sheet layers and viewports :-(
  24. While my template file only holds my most common hatches (about 10), I import some on the fly, from a Hatches library file (added to my favorites). This library file was set up long ago, and simply updated with every new VW version (by opening and saving again). It now seems to me that sometimes, after importing a hatch from it into my active drawing, and after applying it as an associative hatch, my cursor can't "feel" it as a fill - so hovering over this object is like hovering over an unfilled one. Clicking doesn't select it, the Eyedropper tool doesn't pick up anything either. Unfortunately, so far, I wasn't able to find out what triggers this behaviour. Furthermore, it is file related and doesn't happen all the time. If it does, I haven't found a way to make things work again. And even worse : any new hatches created within the file behave in the same corrupt way. Only good thing : the hatches that are part of my template keep working as to be expected. Sorry if I make it sound complicated. Anyone have ideas ?
  25. Archie is a free font, handwritten style - all caps, available from NNA website : Click
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