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  1. When I shut down Vectorworks after using it, I save the current file tabs and then select shutdown from the menu. The files disappear quite quickly, but the transparent screen sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to shut down and during that time the computer runs slowly. What could be causing the problem
  2. On an iMac 27" 2011 version running OS 10.12.4, When I have Vectorworks open, and I place the computer in sleep mode, upon waking, all programs on the computer run at 1/10th speed. Everything hangs up, thinks, waits. It only happens when Vectorworks is running. When it comes out of sleep normally with all other programs running I have no problems. Running disk utility and restarting seems to solve the problem, but what a hassle. This has been the case in the past 2 Vectorworks versions as well. Is there a fix.?
  3. I have found that when I set customizeable parameters in the door and window user field PIO's there is no problem as long as I change only the "alternate name", and not the "name". The problem I have is that none of the script entered default values propagate the any of the items (doors and windows) on the worksheet, nor newly created items.
  4. in the upper right corner of the worksheet, select the "Database Headers". this will show the formula bar in the worksheet. Next, Click on the row that contains the formulas, and only then will you be able to select the 'sort ascending' or 'sort decending' items. drag and drop them onto the columns you wish to sort in the order you wish to sort them. best of luck m
  5. As a person who has worked on bothmacs and windows clones.... go with macs.... more reliable, less crashes, less hardware problems... programs work right out the gate... easier installs... friendlier interfaces, consistantly. an 20" imac would be perfect for you, start with 1 gig memory.. upgrade later if you wish... best of luck in your new venture
  6. you might try to purge all unused objects as well to get the file size down..... I also had a file recently that had a bad wall, which created all sorts of havic. after deleting it and installing a new wall.... all was well.. best of luck
  7. Another option is to do a SV, and then select it and do a convert to lines..... at that point you can easily ungroup and change line weights to whatever you wish, delete exteraneous lines, and change whatever you wish....
  8. He mon... De dont work in the Virgin Islands.... de jus enjoy de sun.... O' is dat Jamaica now...... twould be nice to be dere now mon.
  9. If you select a group of imported classes and delete them, it will ask you what class you would like them all to become..... that way you can selectively change the old classes to pre-existing classes you wish to use.
  10. Under 'View', 'Rendering', 'Artistic Rendering Options', you may choose whatever you wish.....
  11. I dont pay attention to the AIA designations on almost all items..... I set up a layer for each of the following slab footing floor surfaces spaces Floorplan lower cabinets plumbing / appliances upper cabinets, rods & shelves int. dimensions ext. dimensions trusses and roofs, plus a few others, stacked in the reverse order from this list. then when I create a viewport and link the required layers, the visibility is correct. simple and works well for one and two story structures... for more than that it would create to many layers.
  12. drastically, I was running a 2.5 ghz dual processor pawermac G5. I recently got an intel chip 2.16ghz, 24" imac, and the speed increase is quite noticable across the board.
  13. I think "average wall height" comes from an individual wall with a gable pitch in the center. for that the function might be ok..... but the walls I am describing are only one height end to end.
  14. If you are in viewport edit, crop or annotation mode when an autosave comes, it will corrupt the save file... if you exit that mode and save again, it will correct itself.
  15. If I am understanding you correctly.... It is typical for the exterior face of the door to be flush to the exterior edge of the jamb. It might be recessed up to 1/4", but not normally more. If it were recessed farther, then the door would bind on and or hit the jamb when it was opened more than about 110? If you are talking about rabbitted jambs (for exterior doors) I dont think that VW is capable of it. hope that helps
  16. I open a brand new document.... 1 layer only. I draw 4 walls on this standard design layer....ie 8" block wall, 40' long & 8' high throughout. I create a worksheet to get the data from that wall and use the average wall height function "=WALLAVERAGEHEIGHT", to obtain the wall height. I set the layer function to the correct layer, set the type function to "wall".....and I come up with varying wall heights from 9' 3/8" to 9' 5/8"... where is the problem that is creating the erroneous data?
  17. Travis, thnk for the eyedropper idea... far less tedious. However........ it would still be better yet to use the "select by example" or something like that and do a bulk exchange... anyway, thanks again ME
  18. is it possible, without doing it one at a time, to change the font style and size on all of the doors, and or windows that are already installed in the walls of a given structure...?
  19. Must be a PC thing...... I havent seen it on the mac..... occasionally, I do get a black background on the Viewports when I first switch to that level, but is departs with the first command... Best of luck Me
  20. One of the items to look at is cost.... Compare one seat and or multiple seats on autocad vs vectorworks.... big difference.... I have just moved into the office of a model home builder with an output of approx. 40 new homes a year. One designer only... I have just converted the whole office to VW. 12 different Model Homes, took about 2 months to convert and generate permit ready originals... imported in from AutoCad, and converted over.... corrected for errors, value engineered, revised and ready for production... My hit on autocad, which I have had to learn during this time to work on and export, is that it requires a lot of keystrokes, and appears much harder to do 3d works..... I believe that it is also faster to train new employees in Vectorworks.
  21. try this out... if there are any, they should be here http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/index.php
  22. There is a menu item called "change all fields" which will let you change the parameters of anything that contains a record, as do doors and windows..... line weights, colors, sizes, etc... wouldn't that work?
  23. Sorry to hear that there are people out there having a hard time downloading 12.5.... I downloaded it on a g4 powerbook, and a G5 desktop with no trouble on either.... best of luck on your downloads, and be sure NNA is trying their hardest to resolve the issue.
  24. True, but a company that shows that it is not only falable, but willing to improve, and making every effort to do so is the current paradigm, dont you think.... Were I shopping for a new system, and found a site where bugs were discussed freely, and work arounds available until the next version arrived, i would see a company willing to improve, and striving to improve.... I would be a major factor in my purchasing that system.
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