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  1. Re: vw 2008 - Great improvements guys, there is some really great and useful tools in this version (no wonder the $) But...periodically, I've had serious selection difficulties. Has anyone had problems selecting objects that are visible,not locked, and I have no stacked layers, class and layers both set to Show/Snap/modify others? My time consuming workaround is to go into vw preferences, and display, selection, and change the settings, (wakes it up , I guess), and then, Whala! It will finally select the object. also, Sometimes these objects will vanish (in top/plan), and re-appear, when you zoom in and out,( just a little bit)
  2. I'm doing plans, 3d renderings of Kitchens I need a source for quality 3D Appliances: Ranges, Sinks, faucets, Refrigerators, MW, etc, with textures assigned already for the different components for each. I know there's the Object Imperial library, However, to set up Nice looking textures for the various components to make the rendering look great is a lot of work. (I've made my own Library of Cabinets, thats done.) Any Ideas?
  3. I have'nt been able to get the ID Label Tool to 'automatically increment' it's values. 1.I first place the Doors and windows in the walls, with on schedule unchecked 2. Then, using the ID Lable tool,click on the door,and it does read the Field info available for that object, there I check the On Schedule box, but... 3.The number sequence always starts over to 1, never incrementing, and I do check the auto increment box. Can you List the exact steps you use to make it work? Thanx for any help.
  4. Thanx for the info. I'll try something similar when I have time.
  5. Ray, Great looking render. If I may ask, How is the lighting done.Which lights, how many, etc.? I also have made my own textures in Photo shop with good sucess. But I have'nt the skills for this quality render yet.
  6. I Like the Rendering of Artistic Render Works, Color Wash. But I've only been able to get it once or twice. The rest of the time, it renders all black? Any Clues? (ps the line width setting is low,& I do have colors for the Class attributes)
  7. Simple Question, What is the best way to illuminate a room,or the interior of a model ? (with the Ceiling included as visible). I would like to have the light source for the model come from real 3d Lights,(in ceiling, under cabinet, etc) as one could buy and install, with given Wattages. Or second best, use a stock light somehow. IS this possible in VW, I have VW Designer 12.5.1 Thanx for any help - (Just learning about 3d Lighting)
  8. I'm Relatively new to VW Simple Question, What is the best way to illuminate a room, (with the Ceiling included as visible). Moving lights Z elev. does'nt seem to matter that much. I would like to have the light source for the model come from real 3d Lights,(in ceiling, under cabinet, etc) as one could buy and install. Or second best, use a stock light somehow. IS this possible in VW, I have VW Designer 12.5.1 Thanx for any help
  9. It's not you. This is definitely a bug. I wish they could fix it, as when you have a lot of resources, it takes some time to find what you're looking for, and then - Whala - It jumps away - Real drag !!! the workaround is you just have to go back and click it again. It usually does'nt do it twice in a row.
  10. has anyone noticed, or am I doing something wrong when I use Artistic Renderworks, color wash, keeping the line width fairly small, it renders solid black. I had good renders in August w/ 12.0 Is this a bug?
  11. Pete A, What you said is what I'm trying to do. But Wrapping a floor so that the sides show the siding has'nt worked for me. How do you do it so the pattern lines up with the walls? PS I'm only talking about a single story with a raised Floor. If you can do that with a single object as the Floor, I'd like to see that. I'm thinking that the idea of making 'little walls',at the floor depth,they could be duplicates of the main ones, will be the answer, along with shrinking the floor a bit so it does'nt show. Thanks All of you, for the ideas It does seem lousy that one would be forced into using a belly band at every floor juncture. Also,(new subject) In other cad prgms, Their hidden Line Render has a draw intersections feature, sorely missing in VW.
  12. Nice Rendering, (G_Hannigan) I've been wondering how to get real Lights in VW, like your render.- the light in the room puts out the light for the model. in my inexperience, I've just been leaving off the ceiling, and using the stock Directional and spots.
  13. Thanx for the reply, I thought of making the walls taller and lower, but then you have to mess with all of the door and window hieghts? I've used the belly band thing, but then the contractor is adding these things when you don't really want them. I do like the idea of making a duplicate set of walls, make them short as the floor, and I guess you'd have to shrink the floor so it would'nt show thru.I'll have to try that as well.
  14. Small world, I attempted the same exact thing as you've described.Did all of the above, and stopped at the scaling issue. wasted time. I'm sure someone with the programing Knowledge could do this easily. If they can make the Section viewports Know what viewport they're in,then why not have a dynamic link with the data in a Section/ Elevation marker(or any marker w/data) & a Drawing label on your sheet layer. Also, The Drawing label Would Know where it is (Sheet name).(I Number my sheets as the first part of the name). I do love the way the Drawing label has 'Scale Label' option to Automatically pick up the scale of the view port its in.
  15. Good subject, I'd like to Know the same thing: ie to loose the Zones (set to zero), & make the margins to .1. I have to do this ea time. Of course, I should be working on making my Templates more complete, pages, classes et al.
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