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  1. Thanks! That is a solution I hadn't thought of and does do the trick. Although one thing I discoverd to be useful is printing multiple versions of the plot, one for each area, with each area's instruments highlighted (others greyed) on its print. I can do that with layers (and maybe classes), not sure label legend would.
  2. I'm designing a show with multiple stages around the perimeter of a black box space, so although there is essentially a plot for each stage the instruments share a common grid and circuit layout. To help keep my sanity I wanted to color-code the instruments so the set for each stage can be identified on the plot (or at least on screen). So I first tried to do this by putting all instruments in one layer and then having a class for each stage area and assigning the instruments the correct class. But I have not been able to make the class color setting have any affect on the display. I ended up creating multiple instrument layers, one for each stage. That makes the color-coded thing work, but complicates manipulation of the plot since I often have to force select to grab an instrument if it is in a different layer. Is there a better way to color-code sets of instruments with common characteristics?
  3. hmmmm... was hoping for someone to say there is a clean way to do this in VW (as Jim says "better, more modern..."), but seems maybe it is beyond VW capability? I can add a pipe down position in drafting or in rendering/beam angles, etc, but no way to make it work for both? Maybe there is a way to do this with viewports but I am still very new in that area.
  4. I see this is an old thread but... I have been having key problems w/ VW12 on a PC (WinXP). When the key is added, the enclosing box is drawn too small so some of the text is not enclosed. Also the instruments seem to appear in a non-ideal order. I would like to be able to specify either the order or even better just tell VW to group instruments of similar type (fresnel, ERS, etc.) I don't know how VW decides the ordering--is this settable somewhere? Of course I can fix the bounding box size and order issues manually but then can't let VW build the key again. Is there a fix?
  5. rando

    What is OIP?

    Thanks! OIP looks very useful. But right clicking doesn't bring it up on my VW (VW12, Windows). Maybe it is configurable thing? The only way I can get to OIP is Window-->Palettes-->ObjectInfo. It also seems odd that instruemnt info can be changed three different ways--[Right Click]-->Properties, [Double Left Click], and OIP. But each option is different. I am very new to VW and still on the steep part of the learning curve, but this seems strange, esp. that OIP seems to be the most powerful and the hardest to get to. Or maybe I am missing something?
  6. This is probably a dumb question but I see a lot of references to "OIP" in these threads, but can't find any definition here or in the VW docs or help.
  7. Yeah the old fashioned way works for drawing a plot but breaks all of the VW 3-D, visualisation, beam angle, rendering. I agree there must be a way to make it work. The irony--another way I tried to do it in VW was actually add a pipe lighting position aligned with the Z axis with instruments stacked by different Z value, so the fancy VW stuff works. But then the plot makes no sense for hanging and wouldn't be any use to an electrician!
  8. I want to add a pipe down from an existing lighting position (pipe), with 4 instruments. Of course the instruments are stacked in top view at different Z heights if I put it on the same plot as the overall plot. In non-VW plots I would show an instrument in profile (shaded) to indicate position on the main plot and draw the pipe down position and instruments in a different "window." Can't figure out how to do this in VW, but it is so common there must be a way. Or do I just do it the old-fashioned way: draw a filled instrument symbol, make a new drawing, etc. Thoughts? Any help is much appreciated!
  9. If my PC is idle for a long time it goes into a sleep mode and later will wake from any key press or mouse move. If VW is running when it goes to sleep, when the PC wakes I get an error box saying "dongle not found", then an error message about reference to a bad memory address, then VW is terminated (no chance to save work). I can restart it immediately. It seems that if the auto-save popup box is displayed when it goes to sleep then this does not happen but I haven't been able to confirm this 100%
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