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  1. so when I have 'fill void with mineral wool insulation' in a strange shaped void (normally triangular) the insulation bends and fills to fit... Also, an insulation tool for rigid insulation/German way of drawing insulation (a continuous zigzag). It's a pain drawing a polyline!
  2. Unfortunately that's not feasible - my existing drawings have set names, as do my proposed drawings. It would cause major confusion within the office if I start calling the proposed drawings the same names as the existing. Anyone any other ideas?
  3. I have one file (a plan of a house as surveyed), which I have referenced into another file, and turned through 90? in order to draw the section as surveyed. Now I want to copy this section file to turn it into the proposed section, so my question is this: is there an easy way of replacing the referenced (survey plan) file with my proposed plan file, in such a way that the layerlink updates too? Otherwise, I have to reference in the proposed plan, then create a layerlink, then turn it by 90? and then make sure it's in the right place...
  4. I used to be able to resize a group or several objects selected at one time by adjusting the given dimensions within the Object Info box. Suddenly (have I pressed something?!) I can't do this - the object info box does not give me the dimensions of objects if more than one are selected. Help! Using VW12 fundamentals.
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