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  1. Hmm, but if I make it all B&W then I'll lose the fills and the areas of colour and any tranparencies. Thank you for your help though, on the 'select cource' issue you solved my problem. Can anyone from VW help with this or have I stumbled across something that shouldn't happen?
  2. OK, file 0421_81_2001 is the one I'm having trouble with - select the viewport (elevation of reception desk), go to the info palette and try and change the class attributes within the viewport. Also attached, 0421_ele_concierge, is the file it's referencing (I draw the lines in the ele file, and then reference it into the format file for annotating etc, so I have 1 format file for each individual drawing number/paper drawing). Both of these were drawn in VW12.5, both when bringing in to VW2010 I ticked the 'convert referenced layers into referenced viewports' tick box. If I don't do that then I can use the class attributes overrides fine, turn things black, blue, whatever. So, the question is, why won't the class overrides on a viewport that has been imported from VW12.5 work, when I've elected to turn all my references that were in the 12.5 doc to viewport references in the 2010 doc? I can tell them to be black in the classes box, but they don't turn black on the drawing. Hope that clarifies it... thanks.
  3. OK, so if I open a VW12.5 file in 2010, and in the settings button on the 'warning this was created by an older version' window that comes up, I select 'convert referenced layers into referenced viewports' then I get the problem with the class overrides not working, but if I untick this then it all seems fine - I can override to my heart's content. But don't I want to be able to convert all my referenced layers into referenced viewports?
  4. Ah... I had sheet layer selected, if I select one of the design layers then it's fine... so I can't create a viewport referencing another file directly on the sheet layer? How does that work then? I create a viewport of the refereced file on the design layer and then make a viewport of that on the sheet layer?
  5. Admittedly I only put 2010 on my machine a couple of hours ago, so this might be me being quite stupid, but, I'm having trouble with viewport referencing. When, in a new file, I go to make a new viewport that references another file, I go View/create viewport, but 'select source' is greyed out. If I go to the references tab of the organisation window and go to settings then 'design layer viewports' is checked. So, it feels like there's some tick box somewhere that I need to untick, but I can't find anything and don't know what else to do. Help anyone? Also, I have a file (well, one of about a thousand) created in 12.5, now opening in VW2010, and I can't override the class colours in the viewport on the sheet layer that references another file. Or at least, I select the viewport, go to the Info palette, select classes, and tell them all to be black, but this isn't working. If I go out and come back in then they're all listed as being black (my override), so it's not forgetting them. I've tried remaking the viewport from the layer that's referenced in from the other file (not made by me in 2010, imported with the drawing from 12.5), I've checked it is referencing the right file and that all the lines in the right file are all set to colour by class. They were all fine when the drawing was in 12.5. Again, feels like I'm missing something small but significant. Any help or suggestions will be very welcome. iMac, 2GHz intel core duo, 2GB ram, running OS 10.5, only upgraded from VW12.5fundamentals to VW2010 architect today, have run the SP1 update.
  6. I should probably say first that however much I like Vectorworks I'm not intending that this post becomes a major rant about one cad programme or another! We are a small office (7 of us) that runs both VW (on Mac) and Microstation (on PC, or on Mac via Parallels or Bootcamp) and are currently reviewing how we do things before we decide whether or not to upgrade our 4 licences of VW 12.5 fundamentals to VW2009 architect (I want the ability to spin around what I'm drawing) - basically is it worth us spending the money on upgrading VW if Microstation can do everything we currently use VW for. Historically we have used VW for the smaller jobs in the office (eg ~?150k - ~?500k house extensions and refurbs, historic building work) and larger projects (eg ~?8m leisure centre)up to planning. Microstation (Powedraft) is used to run the largest project in the office, a ~?35m mixed us development. So, I have a few questions that I wondered if anyone could shed some light on, particularly if you're someone who know both programmes: - Batch printing; is this possible in VW2009 architect? - File sizes; why is it that a VW file can be ~40MB, but when exported and imported into Microstation it can be a tenth of the size? And, is there anyway round this? I know that using symbols should keep VW file sizes down, but I always seem to end up with larger files than the Microstation crew do. If we were to run a large project in VW then we'd end up having to buy more server memory just to store it all. - Is Vectorworks really capable of running large (ie +?5m) projects? I know of a large-ish office locally that runs it and has problems (server crashing every day), but I don't know if that's more to do with their general IT set up or VW. - What would you rate as the most valid reasons for using VW over Microstation (my list already includes cost of licencing, prettiness of drawings, being able to see as you're drawing what your drawing looks like - colours, line weights etc, speed of exporting dwgs, quicker to draw stuff initially), or indeed Microstation over VW (arguably better equipped for running large projects, quicker to change drawings)? - Does anyone know/has it been announced when the next version of VW is due out? If we're going to make the upgrade I'd rather do it now before it gets even more expensive! Thanks for your time and thoughts.
  7. Yep, have tried that and it's all in the right place at the right orientation...
  8. I'm having problems when importing dxfs and dwgs that have come from Microstation. When they come into VW about a quarter of the information on the drawing is mirrored about a line vertical through 0,0 and some of the rest seems to be mirrored vertically about itself, but still where it's supposed to be on the drawing. All in all, not very helpful. Is there a solution to this? It's driving me mad and costing me a lot of time! Sarah mac mini g4, macOS 10.4.10, VW 12.5.2
  9. OK, ignore me, I didn't read to the end of the email... sorry... Sarah
  10. Can I ask an even more dumb question? Once it's in the plugins folder and I've restarted VW, how do I use the plugin to draw rigid insulation?! Thanks, Sarah
  11. OK, thanks Katie. Hope they manage to explain it! Sarah
  12. It's all of my files, and nothing else has changed, no new printers, no updates run at a similar time... I can send you a pdf of a before and after if it would help? Sarah
  13. Yep, quartz imaging on, anti-aliasing off. Same as I did when I was using 12.0.
  14. It's also doing it on an intel mini. I have also just updated the printer driver, and that has not helped. thanks, Sarah
  15. Has anyone else has this problem? I have just installed the update to 12.5.2 from 12.0 and all of the text on my drawings is viewing and printing heavier than it was with 12.0. The text is the same typeface and size, it just looks heavier, and prints heavier. This also happened when I tried the 12.5.1 upgrade a while ago (then I gave up and went back to 12.0) I'm working on a glazing package with about 50 drawings so I can't open them all now if they are going to be printing differently! Help! VW 12.5.2, Mac mini G4 with OS 10.4.10
  16. I want polygons that I can clip, move, stretch and combine, no symbols whatsoever. I don't have any symbols in these files, just strange polygons, or polygons behaving strangely. They are all on the same layer and class as a whole load of innocent objects that are fine, so not selectable other than doing a custom selection for objects that are 3d polygons. Selecting them is fine, what do I do to them to make them behave like a normal polygon?! The ones I'm having most trouble with were I think originally Acad symbols, that then got imported into microstation, and then dwg'ed back out again and into VW. VW 12.0.0 by the way, on a mac mini G4.
  17. I'm having trouble importing files from dwg (either suppliers details originating in autocad or some from the other side of the office coming from microstation). The window details are made of a load of fiddly little polygons, which when I import them with the '2d objects only' option gives me 2d polygons that I can't clip or combine. If I import them with the 'either 2d or 3d objects' option then they turn into 3d polygons that I can't snap to along the line. If I then select them and turn them into polygons VW actually turns them into individual lines and groups them all together (regardless how many 3d polygons there were selected they all get grouped into one broken down into lines), which means I can't just do a custom selection for all 3d objects and turn them all into polygons at once. Since there are about 17000 of these 3d polygons in one file I am not going to do them individually. Is there a solution to this or should I just go and learn microstation?
  18. ah, bliss! OK, so now I can create a dim style and make the arrow heads on my angular dims look as small as I want them (like 1.0mm - when I said they were huge, I'm trying to annotate angles of about 1?, which means any normal sized opaque arrow covers up important bits of drawing). So this is a document specific thing then? If I want to use it in all of my drawings do I have to import it into every single one or is there an easy route? Thanks for your help.
  19. sorry, missed a lot of info off that last post. VW 12.0.0 my angular dimensions, created by me in the annotations bit of a viewport. Viewport scale at 1:5, 25 or 50. Dim style? Am I missing something? I had Dim standard, which is Arch. Thanks, Sarah
  20. Hi Mark, sorry, I don't check back here very often else I'd have replied earlier. We've given up and gone back to 12.0.0 since everything was working fine before we upgraded (12.5.x also printed our font thicker than 12.0.0). Since then the machine in question had a few of these incidents but seems to have settled down now. On quitting last night it gave a 'sorry, couldn't save, please try somewhere else' message, but without corrupting the original file. This machine is identical to one other in the office, same spec, same updates run. I wondered whether it had been dropping its network connection and that was causing the problems but our IT people can't seem to figure that one out so who knows! Since it all seems to be working fine at the moment I'm following a very technical solution and keeping my fingers crossed and not making any changes to anything!
  21. yep, happened before installing the wrong 12.5.1, and after, and then after installing the right 12.5.1. Think its the machine though - others were not misbehaving after the right 12.5.1 was installed.
  22. yep, I have the smae issue - file corruption when saving to the server. Not external firewire or USB device (other than the dongle). We've only lost about 12 files now...
  23. how do I change these things?! They are huge and I want to make them about a quarter the size they come out (and make them a different arrow style, but I'll settle for smaller if that's possible.) Granted it's Friday afternoon, but these are driving me insane!
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