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  1. So it's not that VESA think it's a step forward, it's obviously something far more sinister or under-the-table, is that what you're saying? I hope the planet you live on has an impressive agricultural output because you're running out of straws to clutch. The "new cable white cable with a logo" is benefitting you because you wanted to plug the monitor in. You would not have bought it if you didn't. You probably wouldn't have bought the MDP-based Mac if you forsaw this as a problem. Is that what they call 'Logic'? [Rhetorical question]
  2. Going by your logic we'd still be using 5 1/4" floppy disks, VCRs, and CGA monitors. How dare these people use newer technology?
  3. Mike, I understand all that, we're just striving for a more "draw it once and that's it" setup which I realise is probably not technically feasible. Christiaan's wishlist request sounds perfect, I'll keep my eye on that.
  4. I had envisaged something akin to the column tool's "get structural shape", but for jambs and what not.
  5. Forgetting the Window Tool specifically for a minute, is it not possible to swap out the (useless) rectangular jamb profile in the Door Tool for something more realistic? A generic rectangle is not good drafting practice and causes problems on the field.
  6. That story is oddly similar to my own experience. When I joined my last office in 2001 it was almost entirely Windows-based, yet when I left in '07 the only Windows computer left was the server. There is no way this would have happened if they didn't scrap OS9. Despite OSX 10.1-10.3 being terribly buggy, ever since its inception the switch became more appealling.
  7. Please revert back to allowing us to edit the Door PIO. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's currently no way to change the default behaviour for Break style (full without caps is a rather rare occurrence for us).
  8. I've overseen various workgroups over the years that have consisted of both MacOS and Win-based computers. More time, effort, and money is wasted on the Windows computers without a shadow of a doubt, and they don't last half as long. Of all the people I made the suggestion to of trying MacOS, not one has looked back. Not that I condone the Apple Tax (which is, to be fair, much better than in previous years) but you do get a much better product from them. Forgetting the shiny box and LED-lit logo, the OS is ten times more productive, stable, and generally pleasurable to use. This day and age, the only things stopping you from switching are games and some 3D applications. Other than that, you're better off giving Windows the cold shoulder. Just don't get your RAM from Apple, and buy the computer refurbished!
  9. Read about Cocoa#/Core before making such claims as what you're saying is simply incorrect; I would presume the system could be developed to beta level in well under a day yet with better use of resources and far more versatility. Indeed the ROI would be pathetic. There is a reason people praise the OSX GUI and it does not involve Fisher Price ribbons. PARC?! Expose, Core, Audio Unit, etc etc were developed by PARC? Such comments do not do you credit. If it's a good idea, they'll buy or steal it. Simple as that. Unix has indeed evolved significantly since its inception, which is a far cry from the (still NT-based) Windows OS' you see today. It is a shame that any post on this board that (even slightly) dabbles with OSX/Windows must be dragged down to the level of Digg.com. You may have had some good points if they weren't sprinkled with troll.
  10. That's rather incorrect. Perhaps you're not familiar with any of the Core technologies nor how easy they are to work with; such a thing ought not be hard work at all to implement in OS X.
  11. How did you create these roof faces? Whether rightly or wrongly, I stick to turning 2D polygons of a roof plan into roof faces (via AEC -> Roof Face...) and have never come across this problem.
  12. Not to worry about the path, I'll sort that out. Sounds like a good plan Pat, thanks a lot!
  13. That's what we have already done; created templates with such things already customised. I'd just rather rule out any possibility of one of our drafters creating a new drawing without these templates, accidentally or not, and I feel changing the tool itself is a better precaution although I realise it'll be overwritten upon VW upgrade. Is there a way to customise the "Create New Blank Drawing" option from the New Document dialog? Thanking you
  14. Is it possible to edit the Window Tool script itself so that the default settings in all new drawings use a Shim Gap of 0?
  15. Is there a way to swap the residential jamb profile for fixed glass windows in the Window Tool for a more commercial profile? Example attached, cheers
  16. Select the space with single-click. You should be given one handle in the center of the Space Title text. Drag as needed. Double-clicking the space brings up the boundary revision handles.
  17. Exactly! I think it took all of ten seconds for the boss to realise the benefit of objects actually having a fill in drawings. Certain people here still can't get their head around the fact it doesn't have to be a 3D "surface" to have attributes other than line weight. You're quite right about the brain comment; one fellow here refuses to use VW in standard white background mode despite it not working well vice-versa or my explanation of VW being more like "drafting on paper" than ACAD's "Oregon Trail" approach. Oh well, works well enough for him i suppose.
  18. Steve I have uploaded a complete Architectural set for a 2-storey school to Mediafire. Will PM the download link to you as it's too big to email. Should be able to get a good feel for everything required from this, but I'd suggest taking up Cipes' suggestion of online training if you want to level up faster.
  19. Attached is something I'm working on for our office, might be of some use for you. It'll at least explain discipline order and what each sheet should contain. If you'd like some PDF previews of each sheet I can whip them up. And welcome aboard!
  20. In my experience that system is terrible. I'm not saying it doesn't work or that VW is perfect, just that it's not remotely streamlined. I came from a VW background to an ACAD office a little over a year ago that used such a system (our ACAD "Drawing Tools" help sheet is attached as an example of such wasted man hours), and sufficed to say we're completely switching to VW - mainly to do with all the stupid crap like this we go through. Just to add text?! Won't even get started on CTB files... PS Not knocking you, David, just the system.
  21. Please add ellipse and rounded rectangle as an option for ID tag shapes.
  22. That's the solution we keep resorting back to. It's obviously not ideal though as you say; for example Room Number boxes do not scale with Viewport overrides.
  23. We'd like to only label each room with the space tool once. Currently, we label them once in the relevant Design Layer so we know what we're working with, and then have to duplicate these spaces in a Sheet Layer's Annotation space so they're auto-scaled. How do you go about labeling spaces? Preferably only with the space tool, and only once.
  24. It'd be nice if the Space Tool would automatically number the Spaces as they are drawn, like the "Number Stamp" tool works. EG You define the first and give the space a number (with pre/suffix if needed). Each additional space follows on from here. There ought also be an option to "auto-adjust" for early design work, EG if you have 50 spaces and delete space 45, the numbers shuffle down accordingly.
  25. Thanks Jeff - I realise it's already been "wished", just curious about any solutions in the short term (moving the text or scaling isn't really an option for our presentations but thanks nonetheless).
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