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  1. Took 20 seconds to work out how to get it to mimic ACAD but that's it, perfect; from what i hear you just saved us switching to bloody Arris, thanks a lot!
  2. Can someone with experience in ACAD please explain how to stretch objects/groups of objects in VW much like you would with ACAD's "stretch" command?
  3. DWorks I see no difference when holding ALT and using Split (L). What is holding ALT meant to do differently than normal?
  4. You can change the default for windows, but not doors because the tool has recently been removed from the editable plugin list. To change default insertion style for windows, go to Tools -> Scripts -> Vectorscript Plug-in Editor. Find the "Window" entry in the list, and click "Insert Options" to change the default break style.
  5. Swapping out the graphics card with a new one is no problem. I would exhaust all the options you have with your current card before upgrading, though, such as updating the drivers to the latest revision and checking your VW settings such as GDI imaging, VectorCaching, Zoom Line Thickness, Animations, etc etc all of which affect speed. I'm using a relatively old x1550 and never encounter any navigation problems, with all the fluff turned on. PS "I have a Dell PC with a GeForce 9600GT 256MB graphics card and was thinking about upgrading it. The bus is PCI Express x 16." shouldn't that be 8600GT?
  6. Excellent, thanks a lot. Note: At step 9 for Windows XP walkthrough, it states "as shown below", yet there is no example below.
  7. If you want his blurb deleted i'll happily do so, doesn't bother me. A few years ago I would have been just as appalled as you at his statement, but working locally in this area of the country has me sadly believing him. It's a harsh statement but after the problems he's had/money he's lost with such people in the past it's fair enough. Anyway, I'm trying to push the more accurate acronyms change but I have a feeling that crossing my fingers won't be quite enough.
  8. How on earth can I join the walls as noted in the attached drawing? Component Join will do the furring and gyp, but for the life of me i can't get all the CMU together. I must be stupid. Any help appreciated.
  9. Please refer to the attached drawing, containing a kitchen schedule. Despite checking the right boxes (text align: horiz= center, vert= bottom) the text is not aligned horizontally across the header boxes. It appears to be aligned when within the schedule worksheet editing mode, yet not when placed on a drawing. Why is this?
  10. In the mean time this could be set up using Vectorscript and Applescript, surely?
  11. Should've been a bit clearer; the point is they're not where you'd expect them to be in the Obj Info palette. All text-related options should be in the same spot, not half a scroll bar away from each other.
  12. Archon, If you were to argue this point in hopes of compromise, what are the main benefits of the VW method, or drawbacks to what he wants to use? I'd much rather keep it "factory VW", yet I really don't have a leg to stand on if i were to argue the point now other than it's more work in VW to make it old school. I can't see why you can't assign multiple finishes to a wall with his method... this just in:- "The format is preferred because people on the field can be a bit stupid. They learn the finishes by number, and whilst on the field we often hear supervisor replies to finish questions such as "that wall is 7, floor is 2". Numbering in this fashion is easier for them to both comprehend and remember. Most of them can't count past 10 anyway, so having an alphanumeric prefix only further complicates the matter. All they need to know is "carpet" or "tile", the specific variants of which are in the spec and colour boards. That said, we're open to compromise". (paraphrased).
  13. Jeff, I'm with you. Never seen them formatted like this, but apparently it's saved his behind many times in the past so I can't knock him for wanting to keep it. That would be more than fine Jeff, thanks very much! I'll owe you a beer.
  14. Is it possible to select between these different types of dashes in VW?
  15. Name Text Size Number Text Size Dims Text Size These three elements should be next to Text Alignment, Text Rotation and all the other text-related options, unless i'm missing something.
  16. This tool should not rely on the first five line types in the drawing, but instead should be able to choose whatever type is needed.
  17. Our chief Architect refuses to use the bundled layout for the Room Finish Schedule as he believes it causes too many problems on the field. He requires the information to be presented in the format attached, yet i've no idea how to set this up. Any help would be more than appreciated.
  18. Brudgers: Tried both, no luck. Indeed we tried it in acad arch 09 and it's fine. I'll test the demandload thing, thanks Brendan: If we insert the exported drawing as a block and explode it, no problems. Or did you mean import the VW file itself? (which I wasn't aware you could do)
  19. Brudgers: pasteclip works in all other drawings, yet is temperamental in anything exported from VW. Something goes pear-shaped during export/import. Mr Krentz: Those are the exact settings i'm using. Oddly enough, certain things can be copied, but 99% not. I'm assuming it's something to do with the class mapping during translation but i've no idea.
  20. Indeed, but it only occurs in drawings exported from VW for us. Half our office still uses ACAD 02 daily and we've not seen this before.
  21. After reading up on the links you provided it seems inserting the drawing as a block then exploding it fixes the problem. Any idea what might cause this? I really need to get this figured out before sending our first batch of VW stuff off to engineers. Cheers for the links! Update: No problem at all opening and editing the file natively in ACAD 09. Problem only occurs in '02.
  22. Ah, sorry.. Monday morning and all that... We export the drawing from VW 09 to ACAD 02 DWG. We then open the exported drawing in ACAD to test it. Whilst then in ACAD, it is not possible to copy anything from the exported drawing into a new ACAD drawing. Upon pasting, the ACAD command bar shows "_pasteclip", yet there is nothing pasted (or at least, visible).
  23. If we export our drawings to ACAD DWG 02 format the elements are visible and can be manipulated in the exported drawing, but not copy/pasted into a new drawing. Bit annoying. What have we missed?
  24. Are these in the works for a future update? When using generated elevations in VW (a godsend apart from this annoyance), using textures to show finishes is no good for construction drawings in our opinion. 3D hatches however would be perfect. Do ArchiCAD or Revit generated elevations work with 3D hatches or are they also reliant on textures? The following request is probably rather unfeasible but nevertheless; it'd be nice to optionally have generated sections/elevations use a class line weight percentage modifier related to distance from cut line, leaving lines relative to distance and importance much like hand-drafted elevations are. Hopefully this makes sense to someone!
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