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  1. The old Mighty Mouse was awful; I had three replacements sent to me before giving up on that terrible scroll ball design. The Magic Mouse, however, looks interesting. The upcoming quad-core iMac is very attractive; so much so that we're tempted to save some money and go with that instead of the Pro. Did anyone notice the base 27" iMac is cheaper than a 30" cinema display? Apple need to fix those prices pronto...
  2. We're looking at getting a Mac Pro here soon and am wondering whether to wait; will there be any i7 flavours in the near future? Are the existing quad Xeons more than ample? Please advise.
  3. I would think the best test is to give them something to draw or revise. This way you can immediately tell if they're clunky or adept. I would want to know if they know their way around VectorScript, worksheets, the awful referencing system, and what experience they have working on large projects shared between many drafters (skill set aside, this is a great way to borrow any good ideas).
  4. Camera Match is excellent. Can't fault it, and the developer is incredibly responsive. I hate to state the obvious but a modelled environment can't compete with a superimposed model over photo. It's quite cheaply priced considering the time you'll save.
  5. Have they fixed the backwards DL/SLVP system? Can you have line types with an X in them without buying the OZ version? WYSINQWYG text? OpenGL performance? Please fix the basics before adding more stuff.
  6. Are you using a rendering mode that actually shows transparency? Have you set the Transparency settings for the material's texture within the Edit Texture dialog?
  7. Export As... EPiX/Piranesi Opening the exported file in Piranesi version 5 or the latest 5.1 demo gives nothing but a blank page (no RGB nor Depth channels exist). Does anyone actually have it working? Edit: ok, I'm just stupid. You need to export a DL rendering, not an SLVP.
  8. So now we have a step by step walkthrough on what not to do as well as a finished product. Thank you. Nobody likes it brudgers, get over it. Compare Pages with Word for a real example of a company "driven by creating a sense of mastery over the UI".
  9. Every time i try exporting (either from a rendered DL or SLVP) the output is a blank white page. The export preview window shows exactly what I want/expect, yet the end result is not the same (at least when opened in Piranesi). What am I missing?
  10. I realise this is a rather late and now quite off-topic response, but this point needs addressing. People seem to forget that whilst Apple does have quite a small total market share, they account for 91% of all PC sales above $1000. Their approach got them where they want to be.
  11. Indeed. If you've already told VW that the selected door is a configuration that uses two door leaves, it should know to put "pair of..." in the door width box on its own. Massive pats on the back to Jeff for a solution, though.
  12. Any news on whether or not they'll finally fix the incredibly backwards DL/SLVP system? It's the one thing every operator we have gets stumped on. There really is no excuse for it this day and age. I'd really rather they nail down what they already have before implementing some other fluffy marketing gimmick. So many basic things need attention - just look at the Wish List forum. I adore VW but am hesitant about giving these guys more money for sloppy, unsupported work.
  13. If you are using Auto-Classing you ought change it via the Class preferences (the class it is on depends on the naming system you chose; "Plumbing-Fixtures" for example). To do this, right-click on the class you wish to edit within your navigation palette and select Edit, then amend the settings for the class. If you are not using auto-classing, the fixture is not on a class, or you wish for it to be different than the object's current class settings dictate, select the object and, using the Attributes palette, change the settings as desired.
  14. Nah doubt it's an Apple thing, I use the same drawings on a Mac sometimes and nothing is different. Can you send me a screenshot of the dialog you see after double-clicking the title block and selecting the Sheet tab? Still in this tab, if you place your text cursor in between "Building" and "1:", then hit Enter*, it does not place "1:" on the next line? *Not on the numeric keypad!
  15. Do you have anything that might affect JavaScript enabled in FF?
  16. Not to mention making VW compatible with the US CAD Standards (and UK too I believe). We have all this lovely auto-classing to standard yet can't draw a proper fence. Our company and many others have certain government jobs that require these standards and as stupid as it may sound, the wrong fence type means an entire job gets rejected. I mentioned to NNA France that there are a number of people interested in it here in hopes they'll realise they can either help out or make a little extra profit.
  17. Do you have SmartCursor Cues enabled (under SmartCursor Settings/General accessed via double-clicking any of the buttons in the Constraints palette)? I believe this is the default function for Y.
  18. It's kind of sad that this made my day, but it did nonetheless. Thanks a lot David. PS The response from the French distributors was that they cannot provide it outside of the full French (or German) product because of interdependencies and protection issues. They coded it themselves.
  19. Brudgers: That's the thing; it meets my personal needs entirely. It's pleasing those of the old-school persuasion that's proving difficult because if they see something taking more clicks or more work than they're used to, they think they're losing money and that's fair enough. My point i suppose is that i believe our company would be better off with VW and so am saddened about it being hindered by such silly things. Whatever the weather, "X-" is the US National CAD standard fence dash type and NNA ought make note of that. Mike: Indeed, I'd pay for it myself let alone via the Firm. Regardless I've mailed the French distributors to see what we can do.
  20. It must be the hash sign (#). You should be able to carriage return the multiline text entries within the title entry dialog and they'll be presented as such on-screen, further defined by the text properties you gave it. I've attached the title block we use as an example for you to reverse-engineer.
  21. Brudgers: It's overly complex when compared to the video Mike posted (or doing the same in ACAD for example). Mike: I need that tool. Must I be French to qualify for its use or can I get it somewhere?
  22. Thank you Ben but that's almost as ridiculous as using Duplicate Along Path, especially when in comparison to the alternative CAD softwares that are being pushed here at the office. Unfortunately all the other benefits gained from VW are quickly forgotten about when such basic drafting is made so overly complex. PS I should note that this isn't something I'm personally bothered about and if it were up to me, wouldn't mind using what is provided. It's the (still hand-drafting-minded) bosses that I need to persuade.
  23. Has anyone figured out (whether by nefarious hacking or third-party plugins) how to draw a proper fence line? By which I mean the X-X-X- type. I need a good excuse as to why VW can't do this, as I can see my boss saying "So you can do all this amazing stuff but can't put an X in a line type?!" and my only rebuttal of Duplicate Along Path will be laughed out the room as it's a terrible workaround. Any help greatly appreciated.
  24. That's the key, Bob. I had toyed with 2D Reshape before but couldn't quite get it to mimic what they were used to in ACAD. The help file doesn't really explain it for the layman, only mentions the fact you can use marquee and doesn't explain how it works.
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