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  1. Dear NAA. Your make it hard for me to adopt BIM. I consider myself an advanced user of vector works. I'm comfortable working in 3D with the majority of my 2D output being through section viewports. I can code my own tools. I delver architect services for prefabricated buildings that allow no check on site dimensions. As a drawing tool VW is good. BUT as a BIM tool VW is a dud. Trying to get any data out of the model SUCKS. I have just spent 3 hours trying to get relevant information out for a simple retaining wall. There are only two types of objects. Wall and Slabs. My issue is you don't provide any consistency that allows a systematic approach to using the work sheets. I am familiar with creating reports from the worksheet. There are good things you can do with this. I particully like that I can edit values in the work sheet that updates PIO's. HOWEVER for the two most important objects (the majority of the building) the Slab and Wall tool work differently. When I try to create a worksheet that access the Wall PIO record, it appears that this record does not exist. I can only have access to the Wall Data Record. It would seem that there is now two record. The PIO record and the Wall Record. The PIO record is the important record as it is the data from which the geometry that I look at is based on. Slabs have access to both the 'Slab' PIO record. I create a report for 'Slab' objects. The data you return for ('Slab'.'Style') are integers. For consistency for your other objects this should be a Pop Up object with defined values. I am able to change the integer value in the worksheet. This then buggers up the pop up values, but does not change the object itself. This fragmentation of access to the data needs to be resolved for me to use VW as a BIM tool. The I in BIM is information- I need simple clear and consistent approach to access it from the model.
  2. Heading toward BIM slabs appear to have more smarts. With a simple house I can see how using the walls to bind the slab is okay. But I want to use slabs for concrete out door also. I can trace out a poly line but this is too slow and dumb. The floor tool is good for the workflow to be able to give a dumb generic slab at the sketch design phase. I want to be able to easily convert this to a slab. Can it be done. Surely there must be a convert poly to slab menu item somewhere?. Anyone know?.
  3. josh is correct. it would be good to be able to point to a specific file
  4. Oh how the grass is always greener. Revit can puke out quantity schedules like a teenage hangover. But I hear many of Revit users complain that it is hard to get good and clear drawing out of the system. My little office has built its reputation with clients and contractors alike with the quality and clarity of drawings. Vector works ability to collage drawings with color lines, transparency, images, PDF make it a fast and efficient drawing program.
  5. Vector script is an easy language. If you want a custom PIO written for your title block then send me an private message.
  6. Also if you edit a 3D geometry any instance of the Symbol will revert back to Z=0 height. Pain in the A$$
  7. we use dropbox also in a similar way. it is good.
  8. Have any of you gurus used the planar text in your objects yet?.
  9. what you want is available. windor is a great tool. what difference does it make who wrote the code.
  10. Each Object has a unique Handle. You could write the handle to a hidden parameter with: GetCustomObjectInfo(ObjecName,ObjectHand,RecordHand,WallHand); SetRecord(ObjectHand,'PioName','__UID',Concat(ObjectHand));
  11. Can anyone help with Planar objects? I'm trying to script an object to draw on a 'FrontPlane' (front view, origin 0,0,0). If I have the plane already in the drawing I can move objects in the script to the correct plane. I've had success with the following method. 1) Drawing (non script) a rectangle (set to a layer plane) 2) naming the rect 'FrontPlane', 3) In my script using: PlanarRef:=GetPlanarRef(Getobject('FrontPlane)); SetPlanarRef(pioRect,PlanarRef); I test with: AlrtDialog(concat('PlaneRef: ',GetPlanarRef(Getobject('FrontPlane)))); This tells me the long int. What I can't do is create a new Planar reference in a script. I can change the working plane with: SetWorkingPlaneN(0,0,0, 0,0,1, 1,0,0); When I use: AlrtDialog(concat('Start:',GetCurrentPlanarRefID)); SetWorkingPlaneN(0,0,0, 0,0,1, 1,0,0); AlrtDialog(concat('End',GetCurrentPlanarRefID)); The return values are Start:0 End:1 This is changing the working plan. But not returning the same longint as: AlrtDialog(concat('End',GetPlanarRef(Getobject('FrontPlane)))); The PROCEDURE Thus Far: PROCEDURE hFrontPlane(hObject:HANDLE); VAR PlanarRef:Longint; BEGIN; AlrtDialog(concat('Start',GetCurrentPlanarRefID)); SetWorkingPlaneN(0,0,0, 0,0,1, 1,0,0); PlanarRef:=GetCurrentPlanarRefID; SetPlanarRef(hObject,PlanarRef); AlrtDialog(concat('End',PlanarRef)); END; Thanks
  12. This is easy with vector script. I know it is a big ask to learn how to program for a simple thing. However if you post a request on the script forum you might get someone to do it
  13. I've been critical of VW BIM myself. However there are many things going for VW. I think as a communication tool the drawing output is best in class. Colour, Layers, opacity give a photoshop like ability. The ability to cut and paste images into the drawing is excellent. A majority of my business is coming from a design build construction company- they use us because of e clarity of our drawings. We could not do what we do on revit. You can't cut and paste into a revit file. You have to build everything as a family. The major complaint I hear of revit is that during develop design phase you get slammed with dialog boxes that disrupt the design work flow. Still this thread is not a revit vs VW thread it is to see if users think that an upgrade is worth it.
  14. Thanks Mike My experience is the user experience is quite different to VW glossy marketing promise. 2012 has been out long enough for sp1. It would be good to see an honest appraisal.
  15. Or just use the line tool and check it's length. Or rectangle tool to see x &y at same time.
  16. We have one install disk for 3 licenses. I have used the disk a number of times. 2 laptops. 1 work station + another worksation that had hard drive problems. I must of installed vw on it 4times at least. I was sharing my user folder on dropbox for a while. This meant that the user certificate was often over ridden and required 'authorization' lots of times. I be never had any issues with the install
  17. I think the mac pro is due for an upgrade. The iMac is a better set up. My last two workstations were towers, I thought it better to buy some thing I could configure letter. I got 2x 20 inch monitors thinking these would be kept and the work station replaced. I have added a couple of hard drives and a little extra memory. But not to the level the tower could handle. 2 years latter and the new 27 iMac would trump my tower with ease. Vector works does not use multi processors yet. So I'd say your best to get the high end iMac.
  18. From which version does Renderworks use multi core?
  19. it is likely hard coded into the pio, thus you can't do what you want
  20. Symbols now drive me nuts with the 2d/3d/symbol plane. It seems that by default the 2D info goes to 3D layer plane. urggg
  21. My 2 cents. I would not be to concerned about the price of the software, you should look at which one will make you most productive. If you have some programming skill, Vector Script is an easy language. There is great support in this forum. I use it a lot in my office and it really speeds up documentation. Both 3D and 2D. VW is progressing its BIM capabilities. There are a number of test projects NAA can provide. Not sure if any real BIM projects have been delivered with VW. I'm sure if they have NAA correct me. From what I see in New Zealand, Revit is the BIM tool of choice.
  22. We have slightly different terminology in New Zealand. Can you show me an image of this looks like. I might have that tool made.
  23. Hi WhoCanDo I've pasted into a pastbin: Pastebin Link You need to do a couple things to set this up. a) $include into your menu. b) The drawing needs a couple Named Object (data pallet name). 1) A North Point PIO named 'TheNorth'. If you don't have it in the drawing yet the script makes you put one in. 2) A text object if you want a title. You will need to set the glatitude and gLongitude for the site (use Google earth to get that info) Set up the view you want to see the sun animated. Set the render you want Run the script. You will get the sun animated for its highest point and lowest point. The final animation will be in your user folder.
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