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  1. We use Box.com for all outward communication. We can access all files on the iPad from box.com. There is no way to mark up a file, but you can make comments.
  2. VW's move to BIM has left the interface frustrating and unproductive. Nothing feels worse than loosing a bunch of time trying to figure out what the software is doing. I've used VW for 10 years and feel like it should be straight forward to do what you are describing.
  3. Here is a quick video of what happens. This is a brand new file. 1 Design Layer, 1 Extrude Object. Section VP. Reverse direction. Low Res movie. [video:youtube] As to bug summit and upgrade. I'm at the point now that I'm not intending to upgrade VW. I'm sick of the wasted work around time, I have no faith that VW 2014 will be any less buggy.
  4. I have model my Kitchens in 3D. I've set up a kitchen 1-25 Plan View Port I've used the Section viewport tool to create elevations of my model. I've annotated the view ports with dimensions. What a nice work flow. UNTIL Vectorworks decides for some reason changes the view port reference crop for ever fricken view. I now have to move each crop, then move all the annotations to line through this is WASTING MY TIME. See you later vectorworks, this is beyond a joke. Come some one try this please Create a section view port. Draw a box around the object. Click reverse section view. The sectioned view moves to the left. Click reverse section view again. You would expect this to reverse the view so the section is back inside the box you drew. For me it moves to the left again.
  5. VW is a dear friend of mine. We have spent a lot of time together over the last 10 years. I've invested a lot into it. However it does feel a bit like holding the hand of a dying friend. Cautiously waiting to see what the next release brings. Last time I check my upgrade price from VW 2011 to 2013, I could buy 2 New Revit LT seats instead. I get multi view. Live Sections. Proper referencing. A curated interface stability and live hidden line rendering. All the things I want. When VW2014 is released the cost will go up, only strengthening the reason to change....
  6. PDF will protect all 3d symbols and class info.
  7. Bill. I have 3 set ups with wacom tablets of different ages. I found it is not a problem on my OS10.7 machines laptop. It is on OSX10.8+ This could also be due to newer driver. If you find a solution please tell us.
  8. Some how the coordinates have shifted in one of my files. How do I reset the origin to the original point.
  9. I'm always using the Command button + [up arrow] or [down arrow] to cycle through my layers. For some reason now when I do this on a sheet layer it does not hold the location on the sheet layer as I cycle the layers. In stead it displays the last view position of that layer. Does anyone know of a setting for this?. Does it do the same for everyone?
  10. You have got to be kidding me... Editing a .xml file to set preferences, Talk about half baked software!
  11. Not true! You can draw 2D in Revit. You could even draw all of your plans in 2D in it. But let us not speak of the presentation of those 2D plans.... The output of software is about the user. While I like the 2D control in VW, I have seen shocking drawings created by VW users & I've seen excellent drawings produced by REVIT users. My guess DWorks is that if you used REVIT as long as you have used VW your drawings would look equally good with REVIT. Personally, Im finding that the wall component joining in VW terrible to work with. Anything with slight complexity takes many goes to get to look correct. Different relationships between cladding set down / extend up requires a lot of wall styles. A management pain if change is required. When it finally looks right in the 2D representation, the 3D joins go wonky affecting the elevations and sections.
  12. Kevin What is the issue with VW walls and doors for printing. What perp do you do- is it in VW or in the printers software. Is this time consuming?. does it require you to remodel elements, or more a playing with settings. I 'm interested to see how far from the VW workflow you have to deviate from to get a result?
  13. Has anyone been using VW and a 3D printer?. I'm interested in the makerbot, wondering how well VW can output files to make models with? http://store.makerbot.com/replicator2.html
  14. Thanks MK. Seems an expensive upgrade for only one or two extra critical functions
  15. I'm on VW 2011. What new features have been introduced that you can't live without?
  16. I have a PIO with a number of objects classed inside the PIO. I'm have trouble with the textures. I think that the texture map is no longer planar?. Not sure how to correct. If I explode the PIO then select the subobject and reset the texture to be by class, the mapping corrects itself. In the image the object on the left is set to use class textures. The Joinery carcase renders incorrect. If I set the texture of the entire object the class is correct.
  17. Wish list- classes for DTM surface. And solid.
  18. Dworks. That is it. What version has this been fixed in?
  19. Does anyone know how to class and control the fill of a DTM in a Section VP? My DTM is set to create a 3D Mesh Soild. The section VP renders this as a Fill White. My Section VP settings: Attributes -> Section Plane -> Radio Selection is set to Use Separate Cross section, Checked box on Use Attributes of Original Objects. I've set the 'Class Overide' for every class to have a fill and to change the pen weight. Every object is adjusted, except the DTM. I'm on VW2011.
  20. Class over ride is how I do it. This can cut down significantly on the classes. I have learnt is to spend a lot of time making a single Section View port work. Over ride all classess, get all wall components looking correct. There is a trick to creating new section VP's. 1) Duplicate the Section VP 2) Change the Item number of the new VP 3) Click on section line instance button, turn on a view of the section line instance. (I have a standard VP dataname: SECTION KEY) 4) Edit the viewport annotation to move the section line. BANG perfect new section based on previous.
  21. I've done a number of modular projects where one file is 10 buildings. I Suggest you figure out a smart index for your sheet numbers. Each time you get a new option create a new sheet layer with a unique number. When you start getting a large set of drawing numbers or type, another option is to 1) remove the title block. 2) export a drawing 3) import the drawing as a PDF. 4) create a symbol of the PDF. Store your PDF symbols in a symbol folder. 5) insert the single PDF back into the sheet layer. 6) put your title block back over the symbol PDF. Why this a good: 1) the PDF is a finished drawing that you know has been checked and does not have any errors. 2) to swap out a drawing simply use the replace symbol button. 3) symbols of complete drawings can be accessed throug the resource browser. If this type of organisation fits your options model, setting up a drawing become very fast.
  22. The tool I've shown provides me enough info to ensure I have the space I need to get plumbing to work in a house. That is what i think is the most important thing I need to do as an architect. Personally I would not model all the pipe junctions in a project. It would be way too time consuming. It might be good to get a schedule of fittings from a fille. But VW worksheets interface need a LOT of work. Way to slow and risk prone to typo errors in search fields befor I could rely on the info in a contract. For those who want BIM for measures and scheduling I'd say take a look at Revit. I think you will find they already have pipe tools like this. It took me about 4 days to write my tool. With plumbing and drainage in every house, There is no excuse for VW not to have a basic functioning 3D pipe tool in the architect version.
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