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  1. All our Macs are networked through a gigabit switch. Our i9950 is Firewire connected to an imacG4 running osx10.3.9 Print Sharing is turned on. We can print over the network from all software, except Vectorworks. When a print is sent from VW the printer just stops. The printer utility says 'Job Stopped.' The same drawing can be printed to PDF, the PDF sent to the printer over the network and it prints. Anyone have similar problems or know how to fix
  2. Over the years I have scripted a number of PIO's. I have not been using UPI or IsNewCustomObject. In my limited knowledge of scripting, I know this is good practice, but unsure why. My plugins have preformed well and are stable. I am re looking at old scripts and upgrading some. I'm wondering if I should be working these functions in. If I should then some insight to how to use and where they sit within the structure of the PIO would be good.
  3. Thanks for your reply Ccroft.... I guess I need to explain myself a little more. Down under in New Zealand there is an Index for Construction information. Works like this. 1 General 2 Site 3 Structure 4 Enclosure ...etc. Information can then be classified in more detail. ie under structure. 31 Concrete 32 Steel 33 Timber 34.... The system continues in more detail.... 311 Concrete Floor Systems 312 Precast concrete. So say you are specifying Precast concrete walls. The section of the spec the information is found is 312 Precast concrete. The PIO I am creating allows for a Keynote text, then requires the user to appened where in the spec that information is found. How to do that... The PIO has a series of popup menus to navigate down the index. The idea is you start with a top level pop up. You select '3 Stucture'. In the PIO this controls what the next pop up is that is displayed. You can then select 31 Concrete, which reveals the next level popup and so on. What is missing from the script is: If '(pSpecsectionpop='2 Site') Then (*THIS IS THE FUNCTION I NEED* Show popup2 & Hide the other popups. I know this function exists, in V11.5 the Door tool has a number of boolean parameters in the object info. Click on one and a the rest of the parameters become visible. Make it false and they disappear. This is the function I'm looking for. Cheers
  4. I know there is a function to hide parameters in the Object Info, I used it in an old plug-in, but can't remember what it is. And cant find it in the Reference Guide. Can some one please post it. Thanks
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