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  1. This is the same advice I recieved previously. I at that time did as instructed, obtained the latest driver and installed it. No effect whatsoever. I still get the same corruption of the buttons. I even occasionally get corrupted screen garbage after a dialog box dissapears. There is no consistency to that error, but it leaves a tidy little 2"x3" (approx.) square with a collection of various Vectorworks button faces.
  2. I thank you for your replies. Having read several posts about the negative experiences others have had from various flavors of the PC Version 9.XX I will just have to get used to black buttons. Hopefully future updates will prove more dependable and trustworthy for mission critical projects. I remain pleased with the overall program, and feel it to be perfectly suited for the kind of drafting I do.
  3. Thanks, I was wondering if just those items could be the cause of the deteriorated accuracy levels. I generally draw complete jobs in a single file with a wide array of scales. I treat each layer as a page. Guess that isn't going to work anymore. My opinion is that this is a detriment to usability. Differing scales on non-linked layers shouldn't corrupt accuracy.IMHO : )
  4. I have had a few drawings that with multiple scale layers, the program reports losses in internal accuracy, typically degrading from .000000 to as low as .00 , and actually had one drawing detonate( it corrupted after degrading to 1.0, choked itself and died) when I had a large radius object rendered and I cut the object. Any one else have these troubles? Any Ideas on the cause, or prevention?
  5. Many times ( I mean a LOT ) I am drawing using objects and will add a solid fill of some shade of gray, and suddenly any command buttons at the bottom of the drawing window and tools on the drawing window top bar have faces turn on black background, thereby making the buttons nearly invisible as they use black text. This can be corrected by closing and re-opening the drawing, but usually happens again soon thereafter. Looking for tips or methods to eliminate this problem, or at least info as to the cause. Win98 VW 8.5.2 on Intel PII 450 w/128mb Ram and 8mb ATI Graphics card-pci


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