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  1. Is there a workaround for this problem in the interim?
  2. I'm having a similar issue on vw 12.5.1, windows vista, educational B series license, Designer package. I can set up the batch export, but when I click "export" nothing happens. Single page pdf export works fine. I tried running VW as administrator, no change. Tried removing/adding option from menu with workspace editor, no change. Last time I did this I couldn't wait for an answer, so I used third party software to mux the separate pages into one, but that was a major headache. Still, that's a workaround if anyone else needs it.
  3. I'm thinking about delving into vectorscript for a specific project. What I'd like to do is select a group of objects and automagically create multiple views of these objects. So I would select this group of objects (a chair, for example) run the script and it would pop out a new layer with a top, right, left, front and back view. Is this possible? Is it worth my time? Am I crazy for even wanting to try this? Am I reinventing the wheel to do it? Thanks in advance for help, and please excuse my n00biness. r/ Andrew
  4. It's acually for A.R. Gurney's The Dining Room. So it's like "Action Lite." I'll try refreshing instruments more... I may try just exporting and importing again - I may try using the autoplot for vw tools to take the number of ID10T errors down a bit. I was planning on deleting the exes - it's just leftovers from the way I'm used to writing colors. Thanks for your help!
  5. I'm working on my first real plot in VW, but I'm having some completely baffling problems. I created the plot in VW, and only let it auto-number, then exported to lightwright, edited the other fields and then exported and imported back into VW. Now I'm trying to add focus to the instruments in VW, so that I can render a look or two to show the director. However, every time I select an instrument and change the focus, the labels are refreshed to values from the same position, but not the right ones. To make my bafflement complete, when I undo the changes and then look at the OIP, the values don't match what is listed in the labels. Is there some way to update the data in the OIP based on what the labels display? So confused... I've uploaded a copy of the file at this link. It's kinda rough around the edges - I'm learning the program as I do things, so I'm sure there are some things I've overthought, overdone or show my amateur status. I'm more than open to criticism/suggestions on those things if anyone is so inclined. TIA, Andrew VW 12.0.1 - WinXP
  6. I'd really like to be able to customize more keyboard shortcuts. Specifically, I'd like to be able to use alt+right arrow to go to the previous view, the way most internet browsers go back a page. Doesn't seem it would be terribly difficult to implement an additional keyboard shortcut or two. Expanding the customizable shortcuts is probably a much bigger job though. Is there already a way to do this? Does this sound like s good idea to anyone else? Any other keyboard shortcuts we should grovel for? r/ Andrew
  7. The time has been between 10-40 minutes. The errors have been with the display driver for the ATI Radeon IGP 345m - updated to the Catalyst driver's latest version with a patch and the driver for the wifi card, bmcl5.sys. I haven't gotten a good look at the actual windows error messages because they appear for a second or less before the computer shuts down. At the times that it has crashed I have been editing a document generated from imported Autocad files. This might have something to do with it as well. I am working with the .mcd file - the .dwg isn't open. Is there something I can do to delete information attached to objects that comes from autocad? Sorry for the incompleteness of the original post, I figgured I could see if it was a common problem before I flooded information that might not be necessary. Thanks, Andrew
  8. Lately my computer has been crashing hard due to driver issues. One was a display driver issue that has hopefully been fixed by using the newest driver. The other is with my wifi card. I am using the Dell Truemobile 1180 which uses the Broadcom chipset, requiring the bcmwl5.sys driver. The problem only occurs during VectorWorks use, so I think when the program sends license key data, it somehow overloads the card and crashes my whole computer. My driver is already the newest version. Is there a solution for this? Is this a known issue? TIA, Andrew
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