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  1. So my AutoCAD coworkers use a 1' dot grid for reference when printing non-scale drawings. I have tried creating a grid of 1/8" or 1/4" circles using duplicate array. When zoomed in on a design layer everything looks fine. However, when printing to a PDF from a sheet layer many of the circles actually print as lines. Is this a known behavior and is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying here? Thanks, Geoff
  2. Tmonson, Your suggestion works and gets my current drawing to where I want it to be. I still don't understand why a symbol won't inherit the current class on insert. Why should a symbol maintain a class structure when the whole point of classes is to define things as you draw? What am I missing and not understanding? Thanks, Geoff
  3. No, I want to insert symbols and when I turn off the class they were inserted on, they should disappear. Unfortunately this does not work as some of the geometry is on the class none. Geoff
  4. So there is no way to have the entire symbol insert on the current class? Seems like a royal pain as different shows have different classes and I would rather them take on the properties of the currently selected classes instead of having to edit the symbol on each and every show. Geoff
  5. When using the Instrument Insertion Tool some of the internal geometry of an instrument defaults to the None Class instead of the Active Class. Please tell me I am just missing something simple. This occurs in both 2008 and 2009. Thanks, Geoff Gooch
  6. I think the thing that is keeping me from rotating the most are hybrid objects. Is there an easy way to delete just the 2d portion of symbols from Spotlight while leaving the 3d version in place? Geoff Gooch ggooch@purdue.edu
  7. I hope I am missing something here. I am a fairly new user to vectorworks having most recently used WYSIWYG. I have a truss that I have rotated 30 degrees in the Z axis using the hanging rotation feature of the truss tool. It is also rotated 45 degrees or so off of the x axix. So basically we have a diagonal running USC to DSR and points up in the air on the US side and towards the ground on the DS side. I can't find a good way to attach lights in 3d. Everything I have tried winds up with lights not being placed anywhere close to the truss. I have even drawn a 3d poly where the 6 bars would go in the truss and converted it to a lighting position. I am drawing this model to export to ESP Vision, so it needs to be accurate in 3d space. Please tell me I am missing something so obvious because I am about to pull my hair out. Cheers! Geoff Gooch ggooch@purdue.edu
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