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  1. I made a worksheet with some critereas. I do =L, but when the object is in a symbol, it gives none and not in witch layer it stands. How can I change that?
  2. Well my problem is that i move it out of the dock everytime.
  3. Ah nice, I use a pc. So how is it done?
  4. Is there a way to lock the palettes? I often move it per excident.
  5. Pff unlock, thank you, to easy . Well Gerrit, I want to change the layer link badck and fro. So don't want to change the source layer I can quickly compare the looks with different kinds of looks. I even now unlock, copy, move next to old spot, delete old spot the layer, renew with other layer, and compare it next to each other, nicee..
  6. i always make a "layer link" layer for 3d building, for easy and quick navigation around the building. Only I have variations og example the ground floor, can there also be a unlink layer, so to change the ground floor?
  7. Thank you for the responses. For the none class, in that class often comes alot of other stuff in because mostly I have that one basic active. I always give an object a class afterwards, so for schemes i don't wanna see the other stuff. So i thin i for a group class. Indeed at the moment i use records for in the symbols. It is more like the way of calculations. Example, i got two different staircases, one for fled and one for show (entrance). The one for fled comes as a steel prefab staircase, the costs are inclusive the baluster and bars (so on), so one staicase is one price. The other staircase the costs or seperate the baluster is added up with the balusters off vde's (and so on). So this was the problem a bit, that i can choose the symbols if they are included or not.
  8. I made a new class 0-group. Ungroup the group and group it again with 0-group class active. Just change the group class, all objects in that group also turns into that class. Not a clean way but it works, only i have to over every group.
  9. When you make of different objects a group, that group will be in the active class. When i play with the visability of classes in a viewport, the visability hangs on the groupclass. Is there a way to play with the visabilities in a group or symbol? An other thing is with the worksheets, i make worksheetcalculations hanging on classes for the most part. Like floor, with =area is the m2. for the prefab part i make symbols, and the parts in that symbol i want to calculate seperate. Is there a creterea like class=floor and Insymbolname=staircase, so you have only =area of class floor in symbol staircase. In other words: At the criterea spot you can mark symbol,that let you also look for creterea's in symbol's, can that also be done otherway around
  10. Is it possible to take a license with you if you are on the road to work for youre own company at an other company. You will be at the local place for a good contact because of the time difference. Only you work at a workstation of that company you visit. So youre own license, youre own people and youre own project, only at a workstation of another company. Or can you transfer a license for about three months.
  11. We can use the Francesco's plug for steel floors
  12. Ah the appendix (found it http://softwarecustomizationservices.com/Other/VSFR/Appendix/appendix.html), another door opens. Came not further then the helpmenu. TY
  13. is paste function the only one, or are they "hot examples". recognise it standard therms. Like =InLayer or =InClass(name) for example?
  14. Many thanks i'm trying it out. Hihi that's pretty easy,( if you know it)
  15. Ah that's why i can't find it, we don't have the architect extention.
  16. Is there a way to make an automate list/worksheet off the wall tools. length/tickness/hight and so, for calculation?
  17. It would be nice if when working in 3d and 2 volumes (solids) intesecting each other there would be a line in the poly shaded view.
  18. how come that the text automatic rotates the other side in the viewport then in the sheetlayer, when i rotate the viewport?
  19. Is there a command (like right-alt to move duplicate) for choose deform or move for a line, it gets me crazy to move the cursor when i want to one of the two. I know there is the enable sisable scaling mode button, but there must be an easyer way.
  20. Making a symbol with ref point's, handy for windows. Making a window with styls of like 50mm. Making a symbol of it. Wanto make it of a numeric size. Have the window 900, instead 900 i wanto make it 1800. Instead of make a new one type in the numeric number of 1800. By not stretching the styles, make ref points between the styles so the extra length is between the styles. Well excuse my great English.
  21. Duplicate along path is handy for it i think, for if it is round.
  22. Indeed that's the way i do it now with data symbols. works well allready. Also do more info like comments in the data symbol. You don't see it on the drawing, however in the worksheet you do. Very handy. Good reminder if i forget something (often with big projects ) To bad my bosses won't want to upgrade it.
  23. Ah that would be it, to shame we only have the basic and not architectural. Well there wouldn't be an other way, or is there?
  24. Thanks, but how do you get the text out of the object info palette to the drawing?
  25. If you draw a solid polygon, in the object info, there you also can find the sqm of that polygon. Is there a way to link that to a text in the drawing, and maybe then to a worksheet.
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