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  1. Sorry about the silence. Once I found the source of the problem, I had to get my work done. It turned out the symbols were NOT moving during the conversion, but the ceiling pattern was using a different point of origin. The ceiling area of the rooms are filled with a "2x2 ceiling tile" pattern. During conversion, the starting point for the fill used a different point, so it looked like the symbols had moved. That will teach me to use the gridwork as the reference point! I turned off the gridwork in the RCP and created a little section of gridwork I could move around as needed to do my location work. Thanks for your input. It got me looking in the right direction.
  2. Katie, I will need to set up a process to run each floor through, as updates happen. I would like to send you a file, what's that process? Sam
  3. Thank you, it is the symbols having different offsets, and then different rotations in each room. At least I can explain the randomness.
  4. I've been using VW 12 for several months and found its DWG conversion much better than VW11. On my current project, I'm having trouble with objects moving during the import. The reflected ceiling plan (RCP) keeps the ceiling grid in the right place, but the vents, lights, etc. have been off-set. I can open the original DWG file and see the original locations. What confuses me the most is the offset is random. One room may be shifted 8" down and 1" to the right, while the room next door is 1" to the left. And the rooms without the ceiling grid are fine! Snap to Loci is off in Preferences. Any suggestions for converting this easily? I need my supports to be accurately located, and (of course) they want the shop drawings tomorrow. Thanks.


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