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  1. I'm having a couple of similar problems with my recently upgraded 12.5. My workspaces won't 'stick' either. Everytime I re-open the program I have to re-select the workspace I was working in before. Additionally, although I'm not sure this is related, every time I try to use the "Fit Walls to Roof" command the program freezes/crashes. Just a little annoying. Anyone experiencing similar things?
  2. While we're about it, I'm unable to install VW12.5 at all. The installer and file extracter crash just as the installation process is finishing. I tried it 4 times before finally giving up. Anybody else experiencing this? Any advice?
  3. I'm running VW12 on a brand new MacBook Pro (Intel) on OS 10.4.6 and I'm suddenly having a lot of problems printing to a Cannon iR2200 printer that we use in the office. I say suddenly because I have printed before from this computer with this software to this printer. Now all of a sudden the program will not recognize any paper size besides 8.5x11. Has anybody else experienced something similar? Anyone know of any fixes?
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