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  1. Our office prints from Mac OS 10.5 to a HP DJ755CM printer. I know the 755cm is of the same family but I don't know if the 750 is a postscript printer which may or may not be your problem. We use the internal JetDirect card for sharing over our network. The printer didn't show up in my printer setup window in 10.5. I had to manually set it up using its IP address and then select the driver. You will need to find out what IP address your router assigned to it. Then: System Pref /Printer Setup/ Add printer/ IP: Select HP JEtDirect from the drop menu. Put in the IP address and select the driver. You can also telnet to the printer and manage the JetDirect Card directly.
  2. Is the VW reader still available for downloading?
  3. I highly recommend dual monitors. We just bought 24" iMacs and are using our old 19" LCD's as second monitors. I would like to get a VESA mount for the smaller screen, mount it next to the iMac and orient it in 'landscape' instead of portrait view. I use the smaller screen for all my palettes and the 24" full screen for the drawings.
  4. My HP Designjet 755cm PostScript printer prints very wavy lines, hatches don't stay inside their polygons and curves get broken up into wacky segments. I did the align calibrations on the printer and everything is fine. When I print it doesn't matter if quartz imaging is checked or not. It only seems to happen on a few files of mine, each between 2-5 MB, but not on others. Any ideas? Mac OS 10.4 VW 12.52
  5. Good to know. Seems to have worked. Never happened before.
  6. Help, all of a sudden my option (alt) and shift keys have been disabled and I am no longer able to use them. It appears to be a VW thing and not a malfunctioning keyboard. Is there a button I accidentally clicked that disabled them? I'm on a Mac OS10.4 and VW 12.5
  7. Why is it when I export to dwg and select scale 1:1 VW rescales all my dashed linescales? If I export at the layer scale it retains all the proper graphic dashed linescales in the exported dwg. I've found it's kinda stupid to send a consultant a digital drawing at 1/4"=1'-0". Why can't I export at both 1:1 scale and the proper graphic dashed scales? Is there a step I'm missing?
  8. How do I specify the a maximum trim when regrading? My geotechnical report specifies a max of 1.5:1 (H:V) and I've set the site model up with the appropriate pads and fences. I noticed under Graphic properties in the Site Model setup there is a place to set the slope modifiers but the settings don't seem to change anything. I'm using VW Architect.
  9. Yes, you're right. I can add them to Polylines. Must be new in VW 12. No, I'm not familar enough with Vectorscript.
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to edit or customize the arrowhead styles in the Attribute Palette? I would like to make a unique leader line with two line weights. Also, why can't we add arrow heads to polylines?
  11. I also set my layer scale to my anticipated viewport scale because it's too cumbersome to modifiy text sizes and linesweights, etc in the viewport. Especially if when I need to change the viewport scale, for instance. As a test I set all my layerscales at 1:1 and tried to work with the viewports that way. But the lineweights were illegible. If the program can scale the text sizes and line weights for each layer scale, why can't it scale the text and lineweights..etc... for the viewport scales? Just a thought.
  12. Since VW created viewports back in version 11, what is the purpose of having layer scaling anymore?
  13. Thanks, turning off quartz imaging alone worked. I didn't need to rasterize the print.
  14. I will try turning off the quartz imaging. I'm using the HP post script driver that came with the printer, from HP's website. The file is 1MB. The same file prints with VW11.
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