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  1. Hi Pat Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Have now installed Parallels which is running Vectorworks 2013 perfectly so all set to upgrade to Catalina. Many many thanks! Jen
  2. Hi Pat. The machine with the problem (Mac Mini 2012) is running 10.13.6. My other machine (MacBook Pro 2017) which has Vectorworks working problem free, is running 10.12.6. The file you attached shows neither operating systems are supported but I guess this could be the reason why one works and the other doesn't. It really is still working perfectly on the MacBook. The reason I'm trying to get the version on the Mac Mini working is that I was hoping to upgrade my MacBook to Catalina and I know that will mean I can definitely no longer use Vectorworks on that machine. But I do need a way to access all my historical Vectorworks files before I make the switch. I have hundreds of files and most of them I'll never look at again but there are a handful which contain information I know I will need to access at some point - just not sure which handful out of the hundreds those are going to be. I'd convert them all to .dwg or even pdf them for archive purposes but that's a mammoth undertaking.
  3. Hi. I am still using Vectorworks 2013. I haven't upgraded because I don't use it often these days but I do need to be able to open my archived files. I have it installed on 2 machines. On one it works fine but on the other it has stopped working. I can open files but as soon as I navigate anywhere in the drawing the window goes completely black. If I try to use a tool there is a floating window which drags and multiplies across the screen. Sometimes windows flash and resize. I did a complete manual un-install following the online instructions and removed all pref files and support files as well as the base application and re-installed from the original CD but it is exactly the same. I did manage to run the Service Pack 5 update in the hope this may fix things but it didn't. Is there something else I need to uninstall to ensure that the re-install is completely clean? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  4. Don't suppose there's any way of doing this - being as duplicate along path is so decidedly unhelpful
  5. Thank you so much. Do I just have to live with them being shown only in red?
  6. Can someone talk me through the rules on 3D visibility. I'm making a drawing which comprises strings of 'bunting' or flags. In plan they are all rotated at different angles. Each string of bunting is made of a sequence of various repeats of 10 symbols which are different sized rectangles. If I make them NURBS curves they show in wireframe but not in GL. If I make them extruded polygons they don't render well. If I make them mesh then I have to make a 2D version to see them in plan. And then there's the cord they're hanging on. Extrude along path is the simplest option but that doesn't seem to show up in anything other than plan. I'm working with VW 12. Any advice much appreciated.
  7. Just bought a dirt cheap HiPoint mouse (?10 UK?) which has changed my life. I love it, pan works just fine, it comes in several sizes... and it has colour changing LED's that I'm sure mean something but I can't for the life of me figure out what but they keep me entertained when the drawing's getting dull.
  8. Am trying to make repetetive units out of 3d symbols. Can access and place them on drawing but they don't show up. Is this because they are 3D or because they are symbols? Would I be better using chain extrude. Am trying to create a 1m section of a repeating object so that I can draw it at any length. Tips much appreciated.


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