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  1. We will have to take a look. The export shows 184,854 "Geometry" objects that I can't immediately identify. If I uncheck that option from the export it works fine and appears to be complete.
  2. @Rickerly Post a sample file to the forum and we can have a look. Also what are your graphics settings in Vectorworks? Best Performance or Best Compatibility? You can use Reset Saved Settings to clear your settings.
  3. Refresh instruments also works based on a selection. If you have your layer options set to active only, you can select all then run refresh instruments it will only refresh the selected lighting devices.
  4. Check your class visibility in general. Try turning all the classes on. Most of the symbol geometry is drawn in the None class but there may be other classes. Till you get it working turn off "Modify lighting instrument color" Having it off will remove an extra step is diagnosing the problem. From the Resource Manager, double click on a lighting device symbol and then switch the the standard symbol insertion tool and place the symbol. This will help you see if there is some strange class settings. Also, what happens in a new blank document? Be sure not to use a template file when testing.
  5. Which universe are you having a problem controlling? Universe 3?
  6. You can focus conventional fixtures manually in Vision but focusing moving lights requires a lighting console. You will also need a console to control the intensity of any light. There are several free software based lighting consoles available that will work with Vision.
  7. No. The focus point is used exclusively by the Lighting Device.
  8. Placing in in the OIP would be incorrect user interface.
  9. The settings are not instance specific so the OIP is not the right place to put this setting. We have discussed adding this as a quick pref in the future.
  10. We were finally able to reproduce the issue in-house after resetting just about everything in Windows 10 back to the defaults. We are trying to figure our what windows settings needs to be changed or what needs to be changed with the updater to make sure it has proper permissions to update the library.
  11. @anasalgado1 You can't "download a dongle" ... you need a physical Vision dongle supplied by your distributor in order to use MAnet. Without a dongle you can only use ArtNet, sACN, or HogNet to connect a console to Vision. Contact your distributor about obtaining a dongle.
  12. @AWaters @J Monroe @gmanson What we have been seeing based on the reports is that this happens when there are no updates, but we can't reproduce the problem. As a test, it you are up for it, try moving Lights.wad located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vectorworks 2020\Library\ to another location and then run the Vision updater. Post if the update succeeds or still hangs. This will help tell us if you are having a problem connecting to the update server or if we having problems updating the file. It will also confirm you have permission to modify the folder. If after running the update the the Lights.wad file is not back, put your original one back so you can continue to use Vision. Is anyone having this problem on the Mac?
  13. klinzey

    Texture Opacity

    Also make sure you have the light source set to cast shadows.
  14. Yes, HogNET is only supported by Windows. HES only supplied the HogNET driver for Windows to us. I thought the Hog PC would output sACN or ArtNET but it's been a while since I tried. If it does not then you will need to run Vision on a windows machine in order to get HogNET. Usually when I am instructing on the Mac I'm using the ETC offline console.
  15. Jeff, If you have Vectorworks Service select for Spotlight or Designer you already have 2 universes of Vision. The you can request the serial number in the Service Select portal. (If not adding service select might be the least expensive option to get you started if you don't need unlimited universes.) HOG pc would be your best option, if you are looking to keep costs down. Grand MA requires the use of a Vision dongle. (Their rules not ours.) You can shop around for the best price on a Windows 10 license but you can download and install Windows 10 directly from MS without an activation key to make sure everything works before purchasing a license key. (Just make sure you install the right version for the license key you plan to purchase.) If you have another older machine around that can run the HOG pc you can connect that to your Mac and run Vision on your mac and HOG pc on he other machine.
  16. You can't do it with a specific fixture, it is a global setting. In the Spotlight Preferences dialog, adjust the Default focus tilt angle. From the screenshot it looks like it's set to 30 deg now.
  17. @zsaunders The lighting device contains a Vectorworks light object. When there is a light object in the drawing the default document lighting is automatically disabled.
  18. If the fixtures are not shown in the Fixture Mode dialog then they have not been created for Vision yet. You can submit a Vision fixture request by clicking the fixture request ling at the to of the Vision page to have it added.
  19. The MA3 uses GDTF via export MVR. The MVR uses the GDTF mode specified in the lighting device, if no mode is specified a generic GDTF fixture will be created and the basic patch info will be included in the MVR so you can import the file into the MA3 and replace the fixture with the correct one in the console. Be sure to check the GDTF Share for the fixture and it's also possible to build the fixture using the online GDTF fixture builder.
  20. It's a 2 part process. You probably need to make sure the light source is set to cast shadows. You should also make sure the texture assigned the object is set to cast/receive shadows.
  21. @Dan J Yes. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/education?showModal=vision-individual-request
  22. @gmanson @Walter Lutzu Are you still having issues with the Vision Library Update hanging in Vision 2020 sp3 (534518)? We have not been able to reproduce the issue. Also, when you run the updater make sure you have administrator privileges.
  23. Yes, without a Braceworks you will not be able to the actual calculations, export structural information or generate a Braceworks report. You should be able to setup a document and check for problems that would cause Braceworks calculation errors. If you need to evaluate Braceworks in more detail please contact your sales representative. They can issue you a very limited (less than the standard 30 days) trial of Braceworks where you can preform the calculations.
  24. No, Vision does not yet support MA-Net3. MA has not yet provided a connection to any 3rd part visualizer based on MA-Net3.
  25. If you are using sACN, in the EOS network config try setting sACN as the default and un-checking the default option for ArtNet. Unless you need them uncheck the other interface protocols. Since it's Windows I would also try disabling the firewall if you continue to have problems.
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