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  1. What version are you using? Does it display in wireframe? In versions prior to V10 you may need to adjust your 3D conversion resoultions. In V10 the rendering quality should be set to Medium or better.
  2. From the LW3 manual page 147: "Lightwright 3 will first attempt to match lights during a merge based on it's internal ID numbers (which you don't ever see), then by external ID, then by position & unit#, then position and purpose, and finally by purpose. It will scan the file being brought in to see which of these methods are possible and then advise you of what it's going to do."
  3. Steve, LW ID id LW unique ID Field. Not maping this field makes LW work harder when you import into an existing LW file. If the LW ID field matches, LW knows the instruments are the same. If there is no LW ID, LW guesses by looking at other information to see if the instruments are the same. If you don't use the LW ID Field you are more likely to find duplicate instruments in LW.
  4. If Lightwright ID and LW ID are the last items displayed in the list select the first of the two. It's a display problem with the dialog, the second set isn't realy there. If you still have a problem sent the VW file and the exported LW file to tech@nemetschek.net and I will take a look at it. [ 03-03-2004, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: klinzey ]
  5. This is a bug with animate scenes and manage scenes. It will be fixed for the next release.
  6. In order to use Show/Snap/Modify Others (Layers) the layers must be the same scale.
  7. There are two ways. 1) Create a second set of symbols in another color. 2)Draw your additional instruments on another layer. Then you can choose to Gray other Layers or choose to use layer color.
  8. Basicly you would have to re-create the plot. Take the group and convert it to a symbol. Then use either the convert to instrument menu command or the instrument insertion tool to get the instruments onto the plot. You can enter that data in VW or export the instruments at this point and enter the data in LW.
  9. If all that you are getting is a group with some text, you are out of luck. If the objects in the drawing were symbols then Spotlight could do part of the work for you.
  10. The text attributes are set in the Label Legend Manager. You can set a seperate font, size, color, and style on each attribute in the label legend. You can either edit the label legend symbol directly or throught the label legend manager. When you are done, run the reftesh instruments command.
  11. You have to select the file first. Hit the Browse.. button and select the file that you exported from LW. This will enable the UID selection. Since you are importing from LW the UID field will be named External ID. If you have any problems, review the LW section in the manual. You need to make the proper settings LW otherwise the import/export procedure will not work.
  12. James, It didn't crash when I tried it, however it did delete the entire group. This problem has been buglisted and will be fixed for the next release.
  13. Check your export options in LW4 and make sure that you are exporting field albels as first record and replacing blank fields with -. LW4 doesn't see your saved settings from LW3, so it reverts to the defaults. What values are listed in the Unique ID Field list.
  14. I would look on the HP website. You will have to do some digging, but should be a key combination that lets you print the settings menu. Sometimes you have to hold the test buttom while you turn the power on, or pust the test button 10 times, or hold it down... etc. (Don't do any of this until you have the instructions, I am sure one of these combinations is the reset too.) If that doesn't work, download a network maping tool. This will show you everything that is connedted to the network along with its IP and device name. [ 01-06-2004, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: klinzey ]
  15. I don't know where the "-NAN FC" is from. You can send the file to tech@nemetschek.net and I will take a look at it. As for the renegade readings the only way to tell is to turn on draw beams for the lights. Also remember the photometric grid can be at a different elevation then the focus point. The draw beam goes only to the focus point, the photo metric objects calculate to their own elevation.
  16. O.K. Back to basics. When you palced the symbol did you use the Spotlight Instrument Insertion tool? Spotlight doesn't use a record named "Instrument Record". When you select the instrument what is in the Shape Pane (not the data pane) of the Objetct Info Palette? It should be titled "Lighting Device".
  17. You can have 8 fields in the label legend in V10. Try creating a label legend in a new document. There have been some problems reported trying to add fields to label legends that were created in V9.
  18. You either have to turn on "Draw Beam" for the Lighting Devices or turn off "Calclate using only visible beams" on the Photometric grid. Depending on how many instrumens you have in the drawing turing off "Calclate using only visible beams" on the Photometric grid may slow things down, because it will have to look at every lighting device in the document.
  19. It may be off of the screen. Try switching workspaces and is if it comes back in another workspace. If possible increase your screen resolution and try to find the palette there, then move it back to the center of the screen and switch the screen resolution back down.
  20. You may have to scroll down on the Object Info Palette. It's toward the bottom past Frame Size, System, Mark, User 1, User 2. it about the 20th field down in the list.
  21. What problem is a circuit named 10-4 causing? It appears to work fine when I enter it.
  22. These are bugs that were discovered after 10.5 was released. They will be fixed in the next version. You cam email me klinzey@nemetschek.net directly and I can give you some work-arounds.
  23. When you hover over the text do you get the reshape cursor? Try turning off your snaps. Also, there have been reports that people are experiencing a problem when the page origin has been moved. If you have moved the page origin, try moving it back and see if that works.
  24. ilitethings, The additional information you sent me is the cause of the problem. quote: After working a little longer I got an error message saying that I was missing a resourse file.You will need to reinstall Spotlight. Without the resource file nothing in Spotlight will work.
  25. Try creating a Label Legend in a blank document to make sure everything works. If there is one file that is causing you a problem email it to tech@nemetschek.net and I will take a look at it.
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