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  1. The User button will enable once you load a saved set. It will restore the last set of values that you loaded during this session. It works, but it seems kind of usless when you think about it. I'll add it to the bug list because I think it was intended to do something different.
  2. Check that you have correctly attatched the light info record to the symbo def, that in top/plan view the instruments are pointed to the top of the page and their insertion point is correct. If you are still having problems email the file to tech@nemetschek.net with a full description of the problem and we will take a look at it.
  3. Add Run (makesin); to the end of the script. The ErrorOut file will appear in the VectorWorks application folder.
  4. Check the Draw 3D only parameter then use the 3D rotate tool to rotate the truss.
  5. You should be able to use GetView. You might not be able to distinguish between top view and top/plan view, they both return 0,0,0.
  6. Yes it is possible, but it's not easy. When the first object is changed it must somehow locate the other objects and change their parameters. In your example you need to create a system that so that the rod is linked to this 1 bolt, which is linked to this 1 hole in this 1 plate and no others in the document. You also need to make sure that object A changes object B, but object B never changes object A. Figuring out how to establish the links between objects and fields within an object is the hardest part, changing the parameters of other objects is easy.
  7. Renderworks does not support volumetric lighting. If you need this ability I recomend Cinema 4d, there is a plug-in that allows you to import and export directly to Cinema 4d. I don't know if even Cinema 4d will support an imbedded Quicktime movie. The frame arround the prespective view is simply used to adjust the boundries of the view which helps decrease rendering times.
  8. It only affects the instruments with accessories, all of the othe instruments in the document will be OK. Nothing you do in LW should change the UID. If you work with the VW file after you export to LW then the UID might change and cause problems when you import.
  9. There is a known bug with import/export to Lightwright 4. It happens when an instrument only has regular accessories. Instruments without accessories or static accessories should work fine. Is this the problem that you are seeing?
  10. You can only use printers that are available in the printer list. (Available in the print setup for each sheet layer) The built in Mac OSX PDF creator is not seen as a printer by any application. Adobe Acrobat will install as a printer an allow you to print to a PDF.
  11. Are you using an educational version? I think with an educational versions of Vectorworks you can only export to the one previous version. Professional versions will export back to V8.
  12. klinzey


    No, Objects can not delete themselves.
  13. Are you sure you have the handle to the SymDef and not the Symbol istance? FInSymDef works defination only. Once inside you should be be able to use NextObj to traverse the objects within the symbol.
  14. Unless there is geometry for that component is created the class won't be created. You can set the column finish to the column-1 class, but the column-1 class will not get created till the stair draws the column for the first time. Also all the Finishes may not apply to all the configurations of the stair.
  15. Chris, I downloaded the file and it works for me (on Windows). I'll look at it some more and try it on the Mac. Where are you getting the instrument symbols from? Only other thing I can think of right now is that another record is coming in with the symbol? Kevin
  16. Chris, The imported file an object or a record format that is the same as the Vectorworks object names. Before you insert a lighting device, look at the names of the record formats and symbols in the resource browser, also look at the layer and class names. Look for Lighting Device or Lighting Position, then delete them. If you don't find any use custom selection to look for an object named Lighting Device or Lighting Position. The Label Legend Manager, Convert to Instrument and Accessory Insertion Tool, are all failing for the same reason, the name conflect with "Lighting Device". If you don't find it let me know and I can post a script that should allow you to find and delete the name.
  17. I heard similiar complaints from people about lighting symbols not exporting, but everytime I have tried exporting to AutoCAD it has worked fine. If all else fails make a copy of the file, select all the lighting symbols and convert them to groups. This will remove any of the containers that might be causing problems and just leave you with pure geometry. Lighting devices should be seen a nested blocks (symbols) by AutoCAD. Sometimes the nesting can go several levels deep. I would also download an AutoCad viewer to check the export if you have access to a windows machine.
  18. Try a Marquee selection of the VP crop with the cursor. You will probably have to delete and redraw the crop. A similiar problem is in the bug list.
  19. No, you are not missing anything. You have to change the printer settings for each sheet layer. I have found it easier to set the VW print settings, create a new set of sheet layers and copy the viewports.
  20. Each Sheet Layer has its own printer settings. The defaults for each layer are the default Vectorworks printer settings at the time the sheet layer is created.
  21. Try renaming the sheets and saved views differnetly. There is a bug in 11 with batch print that accures when you have layers named the same as a saved sheet.
  22. Do you have saved views, design layers or sheet layers with the same names? [ 01-07-2005, 12:39 PM: Message edited by: klinzey ]
  23. Script execution will automatically resume once the dialog is dismissed by the user. AlrtDialog is not designed to return a value. If you need an answer from the user use YNDialog.
  24. It should work automatically. Make sure that you are copying something from VW first. The only time I have seen this happen is when the copy didn't happen. If you are in version 10 or later you should be using SetParent to change the layer of an object.
  25. Ethan, Are you using Lightwright 3 or 4? Do the accessories show in LW? What is the device type in LW?
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