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  1. Fixture ID was removed from the OIP because it was being used incorrectly and sending incorrect data to Vision and other applications. Users assumed that the Fixture ID in Vectorworks operated the same as the FID in the grandMA console. The Vectorworks Fixture ID allowed users to filter the Fixture Mode popup. We have added search capability to the Fixture Mode popup so the Fixture ID filed is no longer necessary. You should be using the Vectorworks Channel as the FID or FixtureID. Visualizer data mapping
  2. We released Vision 2021 SP2.1 today. The primary focus with this service pack was to add support for MA-Net3 and the grandMA3 viz-key. The connection requires the latest version of the grandMA3 or the onPC software and some additional steps to setup and configure. For additional information about connecting grandMA3 with Vision 2021 SP2.1 click HERE If you encounter any problems connecting Vision with the grandMA3 or grandMA3 onPC using the viz-key please let us know. The grandMA3 viz-key is available from your local MA distributor. This service pack also includes multiple improvements and fixes in the following areas: The Disguise and Absolute DMX Cameras DMX patch will be maintained and will automatically disabled when a document is opened to allow proper navigation. GDTF fixtures that use default geometry will not display properly in Vision. Vision fixtures with customized gobo and color data are stored and recalled properly form the V3S file. Issues editing with multiple selected objects have been fixed. This Service Pack is available for all licenses as a downloadable updater. To install the Service Pack, please select "Check for Updates" from the Vision menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).
  3. @Geddy This is possible with the new cable tools. Cable types are independent of connector type and you can add connectors to the list if we don't include them by default.
  4. All tools require a click in the drawing, menu commands can be run without clicking in the drawing.
  5. We have seen the same problem before on the ETC offline software. We are not quite sure why it happens but it appears that some software sees there is not valid network address and then doesn't broadcast the data over the network or it's internal communication protocol requires multiple valid IP addresses. The easiest solution we have found is to connect it to a router that will give it an IP address. It doesn't need to be connected to the intranet, just a router or other device that will be able to distribute IP addresses. Vision listens to all interfaces for for data, so if it's being broadcast Vision should see it.
  6. @Sam Jones "Load Trim" is the localized name, the call should be ok := GetLocalizedPluginParameter('BrxHoist', 'LoadTrim', localName2); You can get the parameter values or record information form SDK objects the same way you get them form VS objects. Easiest way to see the parameters is using Debug List View or you can see the parameters if you make a worksheet that looks at the hoist. If you want to do it in code you would. NumFields (BrxHoist Record) For I := 1 to numfileds FieldName = GetField(BrxHoist Record,I) GetLocalizedPluginParameter('BrxHoist', 'FieldName', localName);
  7. Please try the New Cable Suite - Preview Features and post your comments in the forum.
  8. Please try the New Cable Suite - Preview Features and post your comments in the forum.
  9. Take a look in the Resource Manager in Objects - Miscellaneous_Entourage\Entourage People I think the location is the same in 2018.
  10. This was considered in the original design but there some technical restrictions that preventing us from setting up the link this way. It may be possible in the future and it is on our wish list too.
  11. There are a few things that can make this happen only in Renderworks because OpenGL does not use some of these options. Usually there is something very close to the light that is blocking the light. 1. Each light has it's own cast shadow option. If it's turned on then geometry will cast shadows. (Obvious, but keep reading...) 2. Each Texture has it's own Cast and Receive shadow options for Renderworks. So there is a second level of shadows at work on the object level. 3. Objects without a texture will always cast a shadow, so if there is an object in front the light that does not have a texture non-shadow casting texture assigned it will block the light. Objects will usually cast shadows in openGL but not completely block the light. You can put lights in a symbol and the symbol will have an additional brightness control. You can NOT put a Spotlight lighting device in a symbol and have it work. Lighting devices must be unique instances in the drawing.
  12. Try setting the Vision DMX provider to sACN, quitting Vision and then relaunching, then opening the DMX viewer. I think I have seen issues where the DMX viewer doesn't work when you change DMX providers.
  13. @AlexSawaya I suspect your dongle may have died. They will probably give you some additional steps to try but if you want a quick answer and you have time it's best to phone support.
  14. @AlexSawaya Please contact support directly. From the error messages the dongle driver may have failed to install properly or your dongle could have failed. Quick solution is to run the Vision 2021 installer again and see if the dongle driver install succeeds. (All versions of Vision use the same 3rd party dongle driver, so if fails for one it will fail for all versions.)
  15. @Coby Beck The problem with your file is a little different. None of your accessories have the Light Info Record and this gives all of them a blank filed for the Device Type. Vectorworks sends all of these over to LW as as regular accessories (rather then static accessories) so they get their own row in LW. Because the accessories don't have a device type VW gets a little confused when the data comes back from LW without a device type. I sent you a direct message with the details and hopefully a filed file.
  16. It's there. It's now called "Spotlight Numbering". Try switching to the default Spotlight workspace. If you migrated your workspace from a prior version you may need to use the workspace editor and manually add it.
  17. @carterdesigner I suspect the symbol came from someone else and you have it in your file or a favorite. If you use the symbol provided in the Vectorworks file it should be fine.
  18. Your 19deg symbol is probably drawn incorrectly. If you edit the symbol is the light pointed down? You can open one of the other symbols that works for comparison.
  19. I would recommend contacting MA support. The connector was created by MA.
  20. @jay_coke It is what I originally suspected and probably the most common mistake people make when building symbols. The geometry in the lighting device symbol did not have a texture applied so the geometry of the lighting device was casting a complete shadow, not allowing the light to escape from the lighting device geometry. I edited the symbol and applied the default instrument texture to all the geometry in the symbol and then rendered. Pink Clouds v2021.vwx
  21. You can leave cast shadows/soft shadows on for the light but adjust the shadows option for the texture(s) applied to the objects. Fair warning, soft shadows are very soft. You need to use the settings on both the light and the texture to achieve the desired results. This also means you need to apply a texture to an object, if there is no texture applied the object will be rendered with cast and receive shadows on.
  22. There is a Soft Shadows option for each light source. If you are using Spotlight run the Set Spotlight Rendering Options command and you can turn off soft shadows for all the Lighting Devices at once.
  23. @JacksonBGray From your email address it looks like you may be using the educational version? You should get an email confirmation once your information is verified. If you were given a new serial number please look at the email and verify the version, each version of Vectorworks uses a unique serial number so the 2021 serial number will not work with 2020. If you are still having issues I would contact tech support directly.
  24. I have seen this before with other applications when pushing the Mac hard fro a long period of time. Make sure you plug the charger directly into Macbook, no hubs or adapters. Use one of the connectors towards the rear. If you search around you will find recommendations from some people on which ports to use for power and which ones to use for data because of the architecture of the boards. From experience it's been passing power thru a hub that has caused most of the issues.
  25. @BenG It's very strange that you are getting the error when not launching Vectorworks. When you check your task manager does it show Vectorworks running? Do you have any 3rd party launcher utilities installed? The process should be started when launching Vectorworks, it doesn't start up on it's own.
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