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  1. No, you have 2 options. If you are picking from a list you can create a dynamically populated pop-up and load the pop-up with the names of the appropriate resource. The preferred way in VS is to use a button and the Resource Browser, you can add a button to the OIP and call vsoButtonGetResource() when the button event is received. The SDK will allow you to put the resource selector directly in the OIP but that's not available in VS or Python.
  2. The best way to display the information and format it the way you want is to use the data tag. For the trim height the best thing to do is use ZCOORDINATE field as part of the data tag.
  3. I wonder if you have and old Light Info Record? The current record has both sets of fields. Updating the record information on the symbol will only effect newly placed lighting devices.
  4. Mac hardware in general is a limiting factor for Vision because of the limited selection of graphics cards. Most of the performance will be determined by your video card. Vision will perform well on your Mac but be limited by your video card. A similar configured windows machine would generally have the same performance as your Mac. One of the big advantages of Vision is that there are settings that let you control the quality and performance to Vision to fit the capabilities of your machine. You can contact your local sales representative to get a trial of Vision and test it with your own files or the included demo files.
  5. Make sure the Fixture Mode and the GDTF Fixture are both set to None to enable manually setting the DMX Footprint. If there is a fixture profile set then Vectorwork will use the data from the fixture profile. I set the Fixture Mode to Arri Skypanel S-60 C m6 and the footprint was automatically populated with 20 and disabled. When I switched back to None the filed was manually editable.
  6. The new parameters are used to store a reference to a resource. They will not be displayed on the OIP. For example, the Symbol Definition filed will store the name of a symbol and only a symbol. If you try to put other data in the field if will not store the information. When the symbol name is changed in the Resource manager, the filed will be updated so the object can use the new value. You still need another user interface element to allow the user to select the resource, so these are not simply parameters that you can just drop into the OIP. The other new options work in a similar manner.
  7. @Arielus You will probably get more help by posting in the Vectorscript or Python Scripting sections of this forum.
  8. If you are using a new Mac with a recent OS it is probably not compatible with Vectorworks 2018. See the Vectorworks Operating System Compatibility List
  9. @DBLD You can also report bugs using the Bug Submission form.
  10. @mharpur Glad to hear you got it resolved.
  11. I did a very simple test starting with a new blank file in Vectorworks 2021 SP4 and the latest version of Lightwright and I was able to send data back and forth without any issues. Please contact tech support directly or use the Bug Submission form and provide your Vectorworks file, Lightwright file along with a description of the problem so we can investigate the issue.
  12. What protocol are you using? MA2Net? Artnet? SACN? Open the DMX viewer in Vision and see if it shows the dmx values you would expect.
  13. The tables should be in Vectorworks 2021/Libraries/Defaults/Event Planning/Seating/Seating.vwx Try using the search function in the Resource manager. Search for "72in Round" and it should find them. Vectorworks does not use single quote marks or double quote marks in the symbol names.
  14. The page size in an internal setting controlled by the localizing distributor. The US version uses letter size, localizing distributors can change the size to A4 if desired.
  15. Are you using the absolute or relative camera? The absolute camera is automatically disabled on file open because on launch if there is no DMX Vision receive all 0's and places the drawing off screen. When the file was opened, users saw the drawing as empty and also were unable to navigate in the file.
  16. If you use the create report command you can summarize the dimmers and it will only list each dimmer in the report once.
  17. Someone has attached a record named "Data" to all the symbols in your library. Look in the Resource Manager of your current drawing for a folder named "Data". Contrary to recommendation in the dialog, rename the "Data" folder in your current document. Once you do this you should be able to import the symbols without the warning. Your other option is to change or remove the "Data" record from the symbols in your resource file before you import them.
  18. @Oona Given the error message posted above, the file was created in an educational version obtained from outside of the US and not from a pirated version. The error message from a pirated file will be completely different and take you to a web page with more details. If you want to send me the file in a private message I can take a look and confirm but I would just ask the person that sent you the file which distributor they obtained their copy of Vectorworks from. https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  19. @Oona In the US professional versions can open a student file but all files and all content in the student's file will be watermarked and the watermark will be printed on all documents generated from the file. Outside of the US many educational versions use a different file format and can not be opened with the professional version. Students and educators must annually provide proof that they are currently affiliated with an educational institution in order to obtain a license that is only good for 1 year. Educational versions are to be used only for educational purposes. Having a student use an educational version to do professional work, even as an intern, using the educational version is not permitted. If the student is getting compensated in any manner they must using a professional license.
  20. It should work, but I'm seeing the same issue with the Speaker object. I have entered a bug about it so the issue can be investigated. (VB-178650)
  21. The Stage Deck object does not allow control over the individual leg lengths. If you need a stage deck with varying leg lengths I would recommend either using the Stage Deck object with no legs and manually adding the varying height legs or duplicating and editing a stage deck symbol form the Objects - Ent Stage folder.
  22. Speakers only show the possible dispersion pattern produced by the speaker, the dispersion patterns do not interact with other objects in the drawing.
  23. The only other thing we have seen is that on some Macs with multiple network interfaces don't work will with multi-cast/unicast so the data is not broadcast on all interfaces so Vision does not see the data. There is no way in the ETC software that I know where you can set unicast/milt-cast parameters.
  24. Vision 2020 and 2021 works on the M1 under Rosetta, but still not recommending the because of the integrated graphics card in the M1.
  25. The EOS/Nomad on the Mac should work in the Visualizer mode. You will see intensities randomly go to 0. It's been a while since I have tested it but I used it all them time. The only issue I know about on the EOS/Nomad is that the computer must be on a networks so it can obtain valid IP addresses.
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