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  1. Try updating your libraries. From the Resource Manager click the gear icon and select Refresh Libraries.
  2. Yes, that looks to be a very strange bug with the criteria editing dialog and it also exists in 2022. For now, select the database header row and Edit Database Formula and edit the formula so it says ..... ('Video Screen'.'HideScreen'=FALSE) rather then ('Video Screen'.'HideScreen'=TRUE)
  3. The gobo wheel tab is only used for specifying, overriding the default load, which gobos are in the gobo wheel for Vision exports since you can select the gobo using a console. Since Vectorworks can't process DMX data from a console you need to specify which gobo will be used in the Light Information tab by selecting a gobo texture resource.
  4. Vision will install in demo mode if you don't have a serial number or a valid dongle. If the dongle expired before 2023 was release it will allow you to run Vision 2022 but not Vision 2023. Depending on how old your dongle is, it may have just died. Vision dongles contain a battery for the internal clock.
  5. The soft goods tool has a similar behavior but it is a little different because it is a polyline. If you double click the soft goods objects you will enter reshape mode. With a single line you will get 3 reshape handles, grab one on the end and drag it to change the length.
  6. @bhorowitz Start Vision 2022 and run About Vision with your dongle inserted. It should display the expiration date of the dongle. Additional you can contact support to check your expiration date.
  7. @Wesley Burrows Can you post a sample file? From the looks of the image it's the end plate of the truss and another piece of truss at 90 creating the cross bracing.
  8. There are some restrictions placed on the student version of Braceworks. It allows them to learn how to use Braceworks and how load calculation work. Details will be provide in the educational FAQ.
  9. Yes, Use the Simple 2D and Simple 3D options. If you set the Pleat Width to a small number Vectorworks will draw a draw the curtain that way and creating millions of tiny folds. Eventually it will draw but Vectorworks has to work on it for a long time. It doesn't hang or pop up the "not responding" message because it's working on drawing the curtain specified.
  10. Most of audio block diagram symbols are available thru ConnectCAD.
  11. For GDTF you can also uncheck the "Use GDTF Geometry" option in the OIP to use the default Vectorwork geometry.
  12. If this is the Top/Plan view, It looks like those fixtures were created using a different different symbol. Select the symbol in the Resource Manager and edit the 2D component. I expect you will see the same image. You can either edit the 2D component and draw the representation you want or replace the lighting device symbol with one more to your liking.
  13. This video will give you a brief overview of the Cable and Power Planning Enhancements made in Vectorworks 2023. We show faster cable configuration, planning, and documentation with the latest upgrades. New views in the Power Planning palette will allow easier selection, preparation, formatting, and documentation of cable runs. Specialized filter options and modes make cable management more user-friendly. Finally, updates to the cable path now report all associated cables to a Data Tag, making documentation easier. Here is the Cable Tools tutorial from 2022. Cable Tools Suite Some functions have be updated since publishing this course.
  14. Yes, you need Spotlight or Design Suite to access the Video Screen tools. Vectorworks help contains a full list of the commands contained in each product. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/assets/docs/Commands_Tools2022.pdf
  15. If you are using GDTF files you can use the GDTF fixture editor to modify the GDTF file and change the mode name. Fixture Mode names for Vision are not modifiable.
  16. The Spotlight numbering tool numbers the cells in the same order they appear in the OIP. This is determined by the stacking order of the cells inside of the symbol. If your cells are not numbering in the correct order edit the symbol, overlap the cells slightly so you can see the stacking order and then use send forward or send backward to get them in the correct order then align them again. If you are using one of the symbols shipped with Vectorworks please let us know which symbol so we can correct it for everyone.
  17. @Ciro Are you using Mac or Windows? If you are using Mac please make sure to update to the latest service pack of Vision 2022. We fixed some network connection issues on the Mac in the latest service packs. We also recommend you use independent artnet viewer software on the machine running Vision to verify that the machine is receiving the artnet signal.
  18. @mjm I need some more details for the bug report. How did you import into the blank file? Copy/Paste, workgroup referencing?
  19. Can you post the fie or submit the file to tech support so that we can investigate.
  20. We are in the process of building a highly integrated power planning solution for Vectorworks Spotlight. The solution we envision will make use of the data contained in lighting devices, cables, and other Vectorworks objects. For version 2023, cables have been upgraded, and power-based parameters have been added to many other objects. We feel the cable and object functionality available in the Power Planning palette already adds a lot of value and is very useful for viewing and designing your project. Please be aware that more analysis and reporting are still in progress. Looking at our interface, you can get a sense for where we are taking this feature. Please join the discussion if you would like to ask questions, make suggestions, or provide feedback.
  21. The Fixture Mode can not be custom, it has to be a valid choice from the list of available fixtures. It is needed to send the proper information to Vision. When the fixture mode is any value other then "None" the DMX footprint is disabled and obtained from the fixture mode data.
  22. What version of Vectorworks are you using? Try testing using a new blank file (do not start from a template file) with just one lighting device.
  23. The resource selector is done strictly using the folder structure, it does not filter external files by looking at the record. I took a quick look and the resource selector is not currently available as an item you can add to the tool bar in a Vectorscript tool. All the examples shown are from SDK tools.
  24. @Sam Jones I'd have to look at the code but the record probably does not exist in a new blank file, you probably have to do something related to the lighting device before the record is created.
  25. It's an option in the label legend manager. When this option is selected you will not be able to place the individual labels around the symbol, the labels selected will appear formatted more as a table that are moved as a single block of text with the filed name and value listed. Channel:1 Dimmer:2 Voltage:120
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