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  1. We ran into a similar problem when testing.

    Make sure your anti-virus and firewall are not blocking any processes or communications. There was a change necessary in the way we communicate with the Hog for 2019.

    If that is working, make sure you completely uninstall Hog3, Hog4 and all the connectivity drivers and then install Hog 4 with the current connectivity driver.

    We think either the Hog3 or the old connectivity driver was causing a conflict for some users.

    If you are still having problems please contact support and they should be able to help you resolve the issue.


  2. This is not an endorsement of a particular model or seller but this is the type of device we have had the most success with.



    It specifically mentions "UAC and UVC in & YUV 422 out" and "No need install driver".

    Anything that requires you to install a driver or use the software that comes with the device will not work.


    We know a lot of users like Blackmagic but the only product from them that ?MIGHT? work is the Blackmagic Web Presenter.

    Information from support indicates it supports YUV but they could not provide any additional details on the format when we inquired.


    We are investigating NDI but I can not comment on when it might be released.

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  3. Simon,

    If you are trying to import the information into another application it will need to understand the complete MVR.  Current specifications on the MVR and GDTF are available on the GDTF Share, https://gdtf-share.com/.  If you are working to implement reading/writing of the MVR file please contact the group via the website.


    The application you are using to read the MVR file must be capable of understanding the entire MVR file, not just the pieces it contains.
    MVR contains other files that can be read individual that will generate geometry but without reading the entire MVR, including the GDTF file an application can not properly use the MVR.

    If you are only looking at the geometry in the MVR you are missing a lot of data.

    As to your question of scale by definition all geometry is represented in mm.

    As to the rotation this is stored as part of the fixture instance description in the MVR. It contains both the location and rotation of the fixture. (See the specifications for details.)

    All this information is provided on the GDFT Share website.

  4. Vectorworks doesn't really care. You would just set the number of channels to 2. For Vision we would have to create a new fixture profile that would use 2 channels for the intensity. I don't know many people or fixtures using 65,535 steps for intensity most people are using 0-100% with 255 steps for intensity.

    I'm a little bit curious to the logic or reasoning of using 16-Bits for an intensity value?

  5. In Spotlight Preferences you can set the class of the beams and then use class settings of the viewports to turn them on and off. You just have to have them turned on in the design layer so they can be drawn in in the viewport.

    The classes default to the same class as the lighting device so you must create a special class for them in order to have more direct control.





  6. Vision requires a capture device that supports UVC (USB Video Class) 1.1 support.

    Windows and OS X both ship with UVC 1.1-capable drivers built directly into the OS.

    While the capture card may come with proprietary drivers, they will not work with Vision.


    The documentation for the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle does not indicate it supports UVC but we have found this information is often hard to find.


    There is some additional information about supported capture devices in these forum threads:

    Tech Bulletin

    Video Capture Cards

  7. The containers and labels are only aligned based on the insertion points.

    Moving the containers while editing the layout will not adjust the position of the container.

    Only the location of the text is tracked, the container is there fro reference only.


    For your layout you should make the center of the container the insertion point and use a center alignment for the text.


    Also try placing a new lighting device to check the default location of the labels or reassign the LL to the existing instrument. Refresh Instruments does not restore labels to the default location once they have been moved by the user.


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