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  1. Use the Modify Layers and Classes command. Before you try this, back-up your drawing. Run the Modify Layers and Classes command.

    To use all the standard AIA classes click the "Load" load button and select the file ...\Extras\VA2AIAClasses.TXT. This will create and map all the VA classes to AIA classes. You can do the same thing manualy and save it to use next time. Click the next button and map your layers to the AIA layers. (Sorry, no predefined maping for layers.) Save the maping once you are done so you can use it again. Then click finish.

    One warning, any objects contained in the layers and classes that are left in the existing list will be deleted.

    More detailes are avaliable in Using Standards chapter under the heading of Altering an Existing File Structure in the Architect manual.

    Changing the insertion class of objects depends on how you are inserting them. If you are using the Object Browser you can change the class of the object in the Object Browser file.


    Originally posted by jhutchison:

    We have a new client who is requireing us to produce Drawings using the AIA Layer Standards (i.e. "A-WALL-NEWW", etc). Is there a way to convert the standard VW class system to AIA standards (which all of our consultants use as well)? Is there a way to change the "default class" of parametric objects such as doors, windows and columns? For instance, when inserting a column, I would like to put it on the class "S-COLS". But instead it by default goes into "Structural-Columns".

    We are using Architect 9 on MACOS 9.1. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  2. 1. When I insert symbols that I have drawn, into a drawing I am working on, it sometimes comes in invisible. The ?ghost image? is there until I get it into the place I want it and hit the ?enter? key. After that, the symbol is invisible. By accident I have found they become visible again when I use the ?create stair? tool. Do you know why it happens this way?

    It sounds like the the symbol, or part of the symbol is placed in a class thet is turned off. Try setting all your classes to visible and set your class options to show\snap\modify others.

  3. In photoshop select the image, hit command c. Switch to VectorWorks, select organize\create plug-in..., seledt the plug-in, click properties. Click on the existing icon then hit command v.


    Originally posted by biffoball:

    I'm trying to cut and paste a tool icon. I have Photoshop and have saved a 32x32 pixel PICT file. I don't really understand the "bitmap" stuff. Anyway, I've tried pasting icon in the plug-in properties box but nothing happens. How do I paste icon from Photoshop to VW?

  4. Please reply to me off list (klinzey@nemetschek.net) with more details.

    I did a quick check of the Lighting RC plan and RC plan, and they appear to be correct. The Class 'Electrical Devices' is turned off, Lighting and Spec. are on.

  5. It would be better to use the demo version to view the file. Several features that were added in VectorWorks 8.x do not translate well into MiniCAD 7.


    If you are receiving a file from VectorWorks, ask for it in MiniCAD 7 format. The only other way would be to ask for a PD file.


    Janis Kent, AIA

    author WorksTutorial & WorksManual

  6. This is a known problem. The temporary solution is just don't move the page origin. The objects within the group are referencing 2 different origins when you move the page. There is a fix to the script that involves vector script calls to get and set the user orgin.


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