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  1. The column object is acting like any other symbol or group. The container is in the Structural-Column class, but the actual geometry is in the None class and/or several style classes. You need to have the None class and the Structural-Column class visible, so active only won't work. If you are in a 3d view you will need to have the style class visible if you have assigned a style to any part of the column.

  2. When you run the command make sure that the lables you want appear in the fields box to the left of the edit button. If it still fails, once you click exit symbol, see if there ia a symbol folder named "Label Legends" created. If the folder is created and it contains your label lengend you can send me(klinzey@nemetschek.net) the file and I will take a look at it.

  3. FSActLayer returns the "first selected object on the active layer", but not necessarly the first item that you selected. Selection is a binary state, either an item is selected or not, you canot tell how the objects were selected. ie, what would the order be is the objects were part of a marque selestion? In order for a numbering script to work you need to make a tool that numbers as you click on the object.

    To get you started you want to use GetPt(x,y) to get the mouse location when you click then use PickObject(x,y) to get the handle to the object or GetPickObjectInfo if the objects might be in a wall.

    Here is what the main part of the script should look like.

    GetPt(x,y);ObjHand := PickObject(x,y);while Objhandle <> NIL doBeginSetRecord ( Objhandle , kRecName );NumberString:=Num2Str(0 , Num); SetRField ( Objhandle , kRecName , kRecField , NumberString );Num:=Num+1;GetPt(x,y);ObjHand := PickObject(x,y);End;

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  4. If you installed all of the gobo textures try moving them to a temp folder outside of the VectorWorks directory. The installer copies the entire 9.0.1 folder before the updater actualy runs. The textures are over 1GB when installed so it will take a long time and need a lot of space to copy 1GB.

  5. If your concern is the actual Gobo, just let the manufacturer know the details. I needed a Gobo that was basicaly a circular with text. I need the circle to be round and the text to be square. I ordered the Gobo from Apollo; I told them I was using a 19deg S4, the throw distance was x, the height was y and the image needed to be Z. They did the math and it was perfect.

    If you want to try it in VW.

    Type the text in a TrueType font.Select the text and run the menu command TrueType to Polyline.Extrude the polylineRotate 3D x?,y?,z? (you will need to do the math)If you want to make Gobo that you can project with RW, you should be able to do a solid subtraction with a "blank" Gobo and get the final result.Then consult the Spotlight manual on how to make the texture. You may need to convert the 3D back 2D polys before you make the texture.


    Kevin LinzeyNNA

  6. First make sure that you are in the correct workspace. From the File menu choose Workspaces, VW Spotlight 9_5.

    If VW Spotlight does not appear in the list of Workspaces then you will need to try the install again. Make sure that you use your Spotlight ser # when are upgrading.

  7. You can place the rotating set on its own layer and create a layer link and rotate the layer link. Another option is to create a symbol of the rotating set pieces. Then place the rotated symbol in different classes or layers. You can then use the saved sheets to easily navagate to the different rotations of the set.

  8. There was a bug in SpotLight 8.5 the prevented the prefrences from being saved. The bug list shows the problem was fixed for 9.0. If you are finding any prefrences that are reseting themselves please let us know. Remember that some prefrences are stored with the document and others are stored globaly.

  9. There have been some reports of problems with the automated action for Lightwright. Try manualy exporting the Lightwright data. See the section "Data Transfer Between SpotLight and Lightwright" in the SpotLight manual. It contains detailed instructions on how to import and export the data.

  10. quote:

    Originally posted by daisymurray:
    have just upgraded to 9.5.02 beta and with added speed tried gobo projections. each gobo projects split into 4 quadrants with the curved outer edge of the gobo appearing 4 times around the centre of the beam.any ideas why?
    confused.gif" border="0

    It's a bug in b2. It should be fixed in the next beta.

  11. SIA (Soci?t? suisse des ing?nieurs et des architectes ~Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects~) is a Swiss Standard. Check the VectorWorks manual under Getting Started\Setting Your Prefrences\Document Prefrences\Dimensions\ for more information on dimensioning standards.

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