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  1. The "Lighting Device" is a generic term.

    We use the term "Lighting Instrument" to reference a "Lighting Device" when the "Device Type" is set to something other then "Accessory" or "Static Accessory".


    There are certain behaviors that do not apply to a "Lighting Device" when the "Device Type" is set to "Accessory" or "Static Accessory", certain behaviors that apply to "Lighting Instruments" and certain behaviors that apply to all "Lighting Devices" no matter the "Device Type" setting.


    We need and easy to indicate this distinction in the manual without having to specify "Device Type" every time.

    The terms are similar but there is a slight difference where each is used.

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  2. Please let us know if this works for you. I talked to the engineers from HES this afternoon and they are having mixed results.

    A clean install of the Hog4 PC after installing Vision has always fixed the problem for us but it's not always working from them.

    If you still have problems I may have one of our engineers contact you to further isolate the issue.

  3. Labels automatically adjust their position based on the bounding box of the symbol, they are not positioned relative to the other labels.

    A label placed 6" in front of the fixture in the layout, it will always appear 6" in front of the fixture.

    This keeps the label in front of the fixture if your fixture is 6" long or 6' long.

    Since the bounding box for your moving light is larger the labels are further apart than your conventional fixture.

  4. It's now built into the application; you just need to run the command to enable it.


    For the debug menu:         EnableDebugMenu;
    For dialog builder:              EnableDialogBuilder;


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  5. The only time we have been able to reproduce the issue is when sending a file from Vectorworks to Vision with fixtures that have been rotated but not been focused in Vectorworks.

    For conventional fixtures Vision rotates the head of the fixture 90 degrees by default when sent from Vectorworks if it's not focused. Once saved to a .v3s and reopened there  is no default rotation and the fixture may point a different direction if it has not been focused.

    This is the only reproducible case we have found and will be working on a fix for the issue.

  6. We ran into a similar problem when testing.

    Make sure your anti-virus and firewall are not blocking any processes or communications. There was a change necessary in the way we communicate with the Hog for 2019.

    If that is working, make sure you completely uninstall Hog3, Hog4 and all the connectivity drivers and then install Hog 4 with the current connectivity driver.

    We think either the Hog3 or the old connectivity driver was causing a conflict for some users.

    If you are still having problems please contact support and they should be able to help you resolve the issue.


  7. This is not an endorsement of a particular model or seller but this is the type of device we have had the most success with.



    It specifically mentions "UAC and UVC in & YUV 422 out" and "No need install driver".

    Anything that requires you to install a driver or use the software that comes with the device will not work.


    We know a lot of users like Blackmagic but the only product from them that ?MIGHT? work is the Blackmagic Web Presenter.

    Information from support indicates it supports YUV but they could not provide any additional details on the format when we inquired.


    We are investigating NDI but I can not comment on when it might be released.

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