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  1. I would recommend you contact tech support directly. We will need to detailed machine specifications and the crash logs in order to diagnose the issue or reproduce the problem. There may be something else running on your machines that is causing issues with Vision. Even on a low end machine you should be able to open the smaller demo files included with Vision and playback the pre-recorded dmx. There were no significant increases in hardware requirements between 2022 and 2023.
  2. It would be helpful to see the script. You should not need to click in the document when running a plug-in menu command but you will need to click in the document if you have create a plug-in tool.
  3. No, MAnet2 does not work on the Mac. You need to run Vision on a Windows machine with a dongle to use the MAnet2 connection.
  4. klinzey

    hasp error

    What's the exact error message? Typically the hasp error indicates a driver install failure. It is usually best to contact support directly and send them your installer log.
  5. Which version of Vision are you using? Mac or Windows? And probably most importantly, do you have the VizKey from MA? We have identified an issue with Vision 2023 on Windows that prevents the connection. The issue will be fixed in a soon to be released service pack.
  6. Make sure you run the Vision Library updater. We had had some reports of issues with specific fixtures and have updated the fixture library to correct the problem.
  7. Did you have this issue before updating to macOS 13 Ventura?
  8. @Tetris Requests for new fixtures or new fixture modes should be made via the Support tab in the Vectorworks Customer Portal. If you want to build your own can can build a GDTF version using the GDTF Fixture builder.
  9. There is no way to change units in Vision, they are always feet.
  10. The coordinates in Vision should be an absolute distance for the origin in feet. Vision does not have a user settable origin and the insertion point of an object depends on how the geometry was created.
  11. The distributor works just like the lighting device. You can attach a record to the symbol library but once the object is converted to a distributor the record will not be attached to the distributor object placed in the document.
  12. They should all be there. We did reorganize some of the content. We only ship a small set of content with the installer, the remainder will need to be download using the resource manager. Too make sure you have the latest information on what is available, in the Resource manager click the gear icon and select Refresh Libraries. This will get the latest index of available libraries that are available. If this does not resolve your issue you may want to contact tech support directly as you may need to manually reset the Resource Manager cache in order to resolve your issue.
  13. It's sort of possible using a DMX transform node in Vision and scaling using DMX controls but my real question is why do you want to resize a fixture. Scaling will not change the optics or lens of the fixture. As Tom said it would be better to use a different fixture that is the correct size.
  14. The tools are still there: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Details1/Detail_drawings.htm Make sure you are in the proper workspace, the fastener tool is not part of Fundamentals. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/assets/docs/Commands_Tools2023.pdf
  15. There are limited and unlimited versions of Vision. If you purchased a Vision license then you have unlimited universes. If you are using an educational version or the version included with your Vectorworks Spotlight license they you will be limited to either 2 or 4 universes. If you are using the Vision fixture in Vision then the polygons for the fixture are optimized. If you are using a GDTF fixture the complexity of the geometry can vary and is determined by the GDTF file. There are several adjustments that can be made in Vision to balance quality and speed of Vision, including turning off the rendering of the fixture geometry. If you open the Vision Preferences dialog you can move the slider at the top right of the dialog to the left for faster performance and to the right for higher quality. You can switch to advanced mode if you want more options. Often it's the scene geometry that causes slow performance and that needs to be examined on a case by case basis but there are some other posts in this forum that you can use as a guide.
  16. There is no way to change the mode names. The mode names come directly from either the mode required by Vision on the GDTF fixture mode. For GDTF files you could create a custom GDTF file with a modified mode name but most of these mode names come from manufacturer.
  17. I'm confused by the question, Hanging Positions can not have Label Legends, only Lighting Devices can have a Label Legend.
  18. There is already a tool for that! Check out https://lightningtapes.com/ The company used to see a heavy duty paper for the printer too but I don't see it listed. They may still have it available or may be another victim of pandemic shortages. They do have a roll laminator they recommend.
  19. When I run the report in 2023 the hoists at Y = 9'6" (A1-A4) all return 9'7" The hoist worksheet is NOT a database worksheet so recalculating the worksheet will not do anything you need to run the Create Host Report command again or made a database worksheet. I ran the hoist report and created a database worksheet, both show the correct Y location for the hoists I investigated. What hoist names do you see that are reporting the wrong location?
  20. We are working to add more and support GDFT files fro lasers now that the GDTF has been updated to support lasers. It looks like https://minuitune.com/products/ivl-square/ only manufacturers DMX controlled, DMX controlled lasers are not supported by Vision.
  21. Did you move the user origin? Can you post the file here so we can take a look?
  22. The GDTF file is not in the VW document. Use the Import GDTF command to import the GDTF file into the document then assign the GDTF to the fixture. Once you do that the edit command will work. The GDTF file must be local to the document in order for Vectorworks to save it, Vectorworks can't overwrite the the default files stored in the user or application folders. Here is the file with the selected fixture corrected. SM - PRIVADO Test GDTF.vwx
  23. Can you post the GDTF file or let me know which one it is in the share. Might be something specific with the GDTF file that Vectorworks is having a problem processing.
  24. You must first import the GDTF file into Vectorworks. Go to https://gdtf-share.com log-in then select and download a fixture. Use the Import GDTF command to import the GDTF into your Vectorworks file. Assign the GDTF fine to the lighting device. Now when you click Edit GDTF Data... the fixture builder will open.
  25. Yes, because of a long standing issue in Vectorworks the fields are text fields and the data is stored in mm.
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