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  1. You want to link the Absolute Address field only. You should set the Lightwright to use the Address (i.e. 1553) format and NOT the universe/address format (i.e. 3/18).

    VW will update the other fields automatically based on the Absolute Address when it gets data from LW.

  2. @Mickey We work very closely with MA on a regular basis and they are given advanced beta copies of Vectorworks for development.

    We encourage all third party plug-in developers to update their plug-in to be compatible with the advancements that Vectorworks makes and be ready to release updated plug-ins the day the new version of Vectorworks releases.


    We have no control over the MA plug-in or any other third party plug-in.

    Most advanced plug-in require updating require updating every version to work with the new release.


    I would encourage you and others to reach out to MA support to request that the plug-in will be updated.


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  3. @shodkin Take a look at "Additional default records"


    If you create a record with filed names matching a parameter of the lighting device (i.e. User Filed 1) and attach the record to the symbol, the lighting will copy these values into the lighting device when inserted.


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  4. We need to look at this a little further to see what's happening. You don not have Braceworks so you can not preform calculations. (Designer does NOT include Braceworks.) Spotlight only has the ability to run a system and check to see that hoist, truss and loads are attached so that you can run the calculation in Braceworks.  What you are seeing may be a side effect of the loads not being calculated because you do not have Braceworks.

  5. This is probably going to be the situation till MA updates their plug-in to give you the new fields as choices.

    I don't have the plug-in loaded but from memory they only listed a few fields in each pop-up so you can't choose the new filed names.

    The only possible solution is to make user fields that match the field names that the MA2 export plug-in is expecting.

    You can use Find and Modify or a worksheet to copy the values from one field to another before you run the export.

  6. I haven't seen this problem before.

    It looks like you are using a partially localized French version?

    The dialog is in English but the parameters are in French in the first dialog.

    The second dialog everything shown is in English.

    I would contact your local tech support and see if they have seen this issue before.

  7. The MVR export should pick up the name you assign to the object. (The Name field at the bottom of the OIP) If you don't give it a name we assign a generic name.

    In your case you would need to give each symbol instance a unique name in the Vectorworks in the Vectorworks document and those names should show in the MVR.

  8. We did some checking and the error message saying Vision 2019 crashed is incorrect, the message should say Vision 2020.


    Try opening some of the default sample files that are shipped with Vision 2020. They are located in the Vision application folder in the "Demo Documents" folder. I would start with "Small Demo.v3s" in the "Small Demo" folder and then try opening the large ones.

    These are known good files and if Vision opens these files we can take a look at what in your file is causing vision to crash.

    If the demo files crash Vision when you try to open them we will need to look at your hardware configuration and installation to see where the problem is.


  9. Try opening one of the sample files in the "Demo Documents" folder. I would start with the "Small Demo".

    If this still fails please contact tech support so we can make sure the uninstall cleaned out all your settings and take a look at the install log to make sure there were no errors during installation.


  10. You can PM me with the details but please let me know if the problem still exists in a new 2020 file. If it does please include your machine details and any settings that you may have changed from the default Vectorworks settings. We have not been able to reproduce the issue so it may be a problem isolated to specific hardware or settings.

  11. @Gaspar Potocnik 

    1 hour ago, Gaspar Potocnik said:

    It's good both apps are following a standard, it would just be nice to have this stated somewhere in the manual (at least I did not see it) since it will change workflows for people. 


    A chart with how the fields are mapped is available in the help:

    http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#rhsyns= &t=VW2020_Guide%2FLightingDesign1%2FVisualizer_data_mapping.htm


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