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  1. If you chose to create a symbol when you converted to a lighting position the button will be disabled and there will be no geometry to edit when you enter the profile group. Look for the symbol name to be shown in the OIP and then you can find and edit the symbol in the resource manager.

  2. Be sure you install Vision AFTER installing or updating the MA DMX provider plug-in. We have been finding that the MA installer overwrites the DMX provider installed in the Vision folder. Unfortunately we don't have any control over the MA installer so we can't prevent the files from being modified.

    Tech support can walk you thru the process of reinstalling Vision or manually updating the file in needed.

  3. The export command is in 2019 but you will have to add it to the workspace.

    Remember, the GrandMA 2 does not support MVR, you have to use GrandMA 3.

    However, I recommend using Vectorworks 2020.

    The MVR specifications have been updated and only Vectorworks 2020 complies with the new specifications that GrandMA 3 is using.


  4. All the address fields sync. If you enter 2/101 into the Universe/Address field.

    The Absolute Address will update to 613, Universe 2, DMX Address 101.

    If you change any of the other fields, the other fields will update in a similar manner.

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  5. The "FixtureID" field in the "Light Info Record" determines the default for the "Fixture Mode" if it exists.

    We do a simple string match search starting from the beginning of the string to match the FixtureID with the available Fixture Modes.

    If there is no match or partial match the fixture mode will be set to None.


    If you are having issues keep in mind that we match from the beginning of the name. So if the mode is "Vectorworks"

    -"Vector" will find a match

    -"work" will not find a match

    -"Vector1" will not find a match

  6. If you are a member of Vectorworks Service Select you should use the Spotlight Fixture Request Form.


    otherwise you can fill out the fixture request form on the Vision page



    Please request a specific fixture mode in needed for each fixture.

    Active Vision Pro users receive priority service so be sure to include your serial number in your request so we can verify your license status.

  7. Since NDI operates in real time you can not export a movie from Vision and have the NDI input sync to the recorded DMX.

    You can do 2 things, If you don't need super high quantity you can use screen recording software or an external capture device to record the screen.

    (This is how we make most of the instructional videos.)

    If you need higher quality your best option is to convert the NDI stream to a video file and use the video file as the source. Vision can sync the video file when exporting to a movie.

  8. @fuberator We are searching our office for similar hardware so we can test and see if it's something hardware specific. One more thing to try. Try switching out of dark mode. If it works OK then try switching back to dark mode and see if the problem still exists. There was a strange issue with dark mode that solved itself by going into light mode and did not return when we switched back to dark mode.

  9. @TomWhiteLight 

    3 hours ago, TomWhiteLight said:

    You can also drag and drop a text style from the resource manager onto the hoists....

    This may work but probably will not stay when the object is modified. The object looks to the settings created by the menu command because there are multiple text objects with different attributes in the same object.

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  10. @fuberator Make sure you don't have a dialog, like the Vision Preferences, open in the background. Several dialogs in Vision put you into a restricted view where you can navigate but not switch tools.

    Does this happen all the time or only when lights actively changing  in the scene?

    What connection protocol are you using?

    Do you have any other applications running?


    Try opening up one of the demo files included with Vision and play the pre-recorded DMX. Make sure tools work correctly in the sample files.


    If everything works correctly in the demo file then please contact tech support and send them your file with some dmx recordings if we need them to reproduce the problem.


    We have tested on the same OS you are running but not on the same hardware.

    If you have issues running the demo file let us know and we will see if we can reproduce the issue on similar hardware.

  11. You should use a house light symbol for each dimmer and then assign each house light to the same channel.

    Wat you are really doing is assigning the same channel to multiple dimmers that same way you would do it in a console.

    Typically when I draw a venue I will place the houselights in the correct location and assign them to the proper dimmers, circuits and channels.

    This way if I change my mind and need to have more control I don't have to go back and figure out how the lights divide out.

  12. The data mapping was removed in 2020 because of the implementation of DMX patching and other features.

    Since certain data is required to be in specific fields we could no longer support variable filed mapping.

    Exporting to MVR and Vision have specific filed use requirements that are listed the documentation.

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