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  1. Hi Folks, Sorry again for the Noob question. Will a symbol report display class information? Thanks in advance. JA
  2. Sorry for the nub question. Is there an easy way to export symbol info (type,name,quantity)? Is there an option to export record files to excel? Thanks JA
  3. Hello, Forgive my ignorance. I am exporting a VM 12.5 file to .dwg for use on an unknown acad version. After exporting the result is a folder with various PAT files and the DWG file. Do I email the whole folder or just the file with the dwg extension. Attempte to import this dwg file resulted in a file that showed the drawing but in unselectable grey lines. Any advice would be great Thank you JA
  4. I am attempting to import a DWG from an unknown AutoCad version to VW 10.5.1 on a mac OS 10.2.8 with no luck. Keep getting Critical OpenDWG error! Asks if I want to save a .recover file then shuts everything down. Any ideas? Thank you JA
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