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  1. I use Vectorworks and Revit on a regular basis and have been for a few years. I would choose Revit over VW without any question or hesitation. In my opinion there is really no comparison.
  2. Just wondering if this very basic feature has been implemented in the latest release.
  3. I am trying to use a Drawing Label in a Viewport Annotation. Everything is going well till I set the bubble to sheet + item #. The label then justifies so the scale and view title are overlapping. Adjusting the text margin only works if I use an "item # only" bubble., When I have the bubble set to sheet + item the text margin does not work at all. Any tips? I would also like to set the Sheet label and scale to different fonts or at least bold and not bold. Is this possible?
  4. I guess I won't use the export PDF function. Printing to PDF works fine. Thanks.
  5. I thought I'd try exporting a PDF file instead of printing it, but some fonts do not export to the PDF file. How do you get all the fonts to export to the PDF file? Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.
  6. Thank you Peter for posting your work. It looks great! It does give me hope!! I'm pretty sure I know how you created it. I'll post one of my own as soon as I get one worth sharing.
  7. There are a lot of things I like about VW. The modeling tools are superior, and the site tools are great (I think) :-). You are correct, Revit don't NURB. I like the flow of polygons to rooms to walls and the ability to import PDF files. The ability to do a sketchy view is good too. It is a fairly long list really. VW could be a really killer application if it could work efficiently in 3d. I understand it is an inexpensive program (that is why I am using it) and is actually good value for the money. But... VW gives me all these 3d tools that are frustrating because they only get me part way to my goal. Right near the end I have to hop off the train and start walking. By contrast working with Revit is a dream. Truly parametric. If you want to move something just click on the dimension and change it. If something moves so does the dimension. Back and forth to 3d with no waiting. No wondering where the hell the roof went. Personally, I think VW is near a dead end. I suspect the underpinnings of the program will never lend it to becoming a true 3d architectural program. If it were possible for VW to produce a hidden line view at the same speed as Sketchup (for instance), it would have happened by now. I hope I am wrong, but it is 2007 and VW in 3d should be up to speed by now. I think ArchiCAD might be some insurance for the future when it becomes apparent that VW won't really do BIM. This forum is a good part of VW, but the hoops you have to jump through to post an image leaves it at the lame end of the spectrum. I'll try and keep a positive attitude about VW but please forgive me when my frustration surfaces.
  8. You misunderstand. When I use Revit I am able to produce a set of plans with very little 2d drafting. My elevations are a view of the 3d model. If I move a window I don't have to go around and change the elevation. If I have to lay 2d drafting lines on my elevations I can lock them to the 3d elements so if the 3d changes, so does the 2d. The difference with REvit is that I don't have to lay a hidden line view over a rendered view and set up four different lights on different classes in order to get patterns and shadows on my elevations. I don't have to update and wait, update and wait. VW is an excellent 2d drafting program. It is a terrible 3d program. Just try and view your model. Layer linking, stack layers and model view. Why are there so many different and confusing ways to view what should be a simple exercise. Just show the model! View - Model. Use the polygon paint bucket on an elevation then move a window in plan. It moves in elevation but the polygon didn't. Where is the advantage in that? You may as well be working in 2d. Oh well, I gotta use it (VW) but I don't gotta like it.
  9. Just listening to how much work this is makes me tired. I wish our office could afford Revit because this is all done automatically in Revit.(I know this because I own(?) Revit).I don't look forward to trying to get a decent looking set of plans out the door with VW. It's almost a total waste of time working in 3d because everything has to be dumped to 2d. Sections, elevations, plans. All 2d. Where is the advantage of the 3d? Once you dump everything to 2d you are back to the old routine of changing things in plan, elevation and section, round and round.
  10. Yes, that is an excellent article. Thanks!
  11. I am no expert in IFC, but I know that it depends upon the elements of a design being "objects" that can be tied to IFC codes. I think this means that a 2d drawing is difficult, if not impossible to tie to IFC classes. VW is partially there, I would guess, but is still too tied to its 2d heritage to make an easy transition. If I were in charge of VW I would concentrate on making it a 3d program. Right now it is primarily a 2d program. The 3d aspect of VW is still too slow to take seriously as a BIM application. "Update" and "recalculate" are commands that will have to disappear.
  12. Okay, I got it to work, but only in a viewport. It is just another 2d solution. Doesn't really paint the wall.
  13. The problem with painting on hatches (beside the obvious fact that it is time consuming) is that it does not account for objects that are not parallel to the view. Every plane of your roof looks the same. Siding on bay windows look wrong. Etc. Does it actually work on building elevations? I can't seem to get any results with this technique at all. Must be missing a page in the manual.
  14. Thanks. I was trying to create a worksheet with wall assemblies using the wall description field. Thought it was a good use of the worksheet, but the machinery to accomplish this is poorly documented. I will have a look at the add on.
  15. To all the folks at NNA who know the answer to these questions but decline to answer I can only say thanks for absolutely nothing.
  16. So here is my question again. If anyone at NNA knows the answer just press the handy buzzer and let loose with the answer: For ten points: 1. How do you get text to word wrap in the worksheet once it is in a drawing? The bonus question: 2. Is there a character limit in a cell and what is the character limit?
  17. Okay,I got it to work by pasting your text. Thank You! Now for the hard part: How do I get the cells to word wrap when I paste them into the drawing? And the second part of that: What is the character limit for the cells, as it appears a lot of the text gets cut off in the description field. Thanks!
  18. I'm looking for the data in the OIP I guess. The data that is reported in the wall. There are several built in fields such as description, mark, manufacturer, etc. I was trying to build my own, but it is not possible. You can only get these fields to report if you modify the wall styles report that is built in. If you try and make your own worksheet and paste the formula into it from the default it does not work. Go ahead and try it! Even pasting it in does not work.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean by import, but the wall sample report that ships with VW works just fine. Reports the data from the wall elements in my file like it is supposed to. I simply cannot replicate it. Perhaps I am meant to edit this file to suit my needs, and not try to create my own from scratch.
  20. The worksheet that I created uses the same criteria as the default wall styles worksheet that comes with VW. It uses the same syntax (i pasted it). Yet the worksheet I created will not extract the data the same as the default.(the default report works fine) I am at a dead end. Maybe I'll send the file to NNA.
  21. Thanks Charles, that'll get me part way there. I created a new worksheet, set the row up as database and pasted the formula from the default wall styles template so there would be no mistake in syntax. Still will not return data. I know I am missing something very small, but cannot figure it out. Also cannot figure out how to get the word wrap to show all the characters. I appreciate your help!
  22. Okay, I have given up. When I enter the formula it simply repeats itself in the column and does not return data. The template would be helpful if I could find a way to unhide the row that contains the formulas. Why is it that when you use Tools-Create Report, it will only allow you to create a report for objects that have records, but the the default wall styles report schedules objects that do not have records? Does not make any sense. The description cell does not display all the text in the description box even when word wrap is turned on. There is no way to have the cells word wrap when the report is in the drawing.I.E Open the report set it to wrap and close the report, the text does not show up. Extremely frustrating. The other aspect that bothers me is that the schedule is dead. I cannot change a window by selecting it in the schedule and changing the type. There is no real link between the object in the model and the data. It is simply a report that was correct at the time it was made and cannot really be trusted. Not BIM at its best.
  23. I'm trying to access the data included in a wall in a worksheet. Namely the description field in the wall data. I can access door data, but all the information in the walls seems to be inaccessible. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or to the page in the manual where this process is explained. Seems a waste to have all these neat data fields in a wall and then have to manually type wall descriptions in a worksheet. Thanks in advance for any help.
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