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  1. Have set the 3D orientation of a moving light to Y 180 so the lamp is sitting on it's base when viewed in 3D. However, when viewed in Top/Plan the text in the 2D component of the symbol moves. How do I stop it doing that?
  2. Thanks Tasmin. Still getting a little used to the "definition layers" thing! When was this feature added?
  3. [font:Arial]I'm trying to create a plot with truss hanging on an angle where the back dead is at 3000, front dead at 9000 when in side view. So far I have converted said truss with appropriate hanging angle in 3D to a light position at Z height 3000. Assigning the instruments to the truss they assign to the truss but remain only at a Z height 3000 regardless of placement. I wish to make an accurate rending of this plot and hope for the instruments to reflect the correct dead. See attached image for further clarification Any advice?[/font]
  4. Thanks Nik, It's frustrating but your answer is correct. Does this mean that while constructing a symbol you should always be careful to create it in the class that you will eventually use it in?
  5. I own the student version of V12 and am puzzled by my lights, lighting positions and set pieces literally not being visible (but still selectable) while Class- Active Only is selected. However they are visible when Classes-Show/Snap Others and Show/ Snap Modify Others is selected. As I need to have a lighting bar created out of the same symbol and placed directly beneath the other one this is particularly frustrating! Is the only option to set one bar?s class visibility as invisible whilst editing the other? Another quirk is that a symbol can be inserted repeatedly into the same class as a lighting position while Classes- Active Only is selected and still be visible and the height editable while if it?s inserted into a different class from the other symbol it will not be visible and the height will not alter from zero unless viewed in Class- Show/Snap Others and is altered from there. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm currently using Vectorworks 10.5 and 11 and have been searching for the symbol for the Rank Stand Harmony F. I'm aware that a solution is to simply find a light with the same beam and field angles but is it possible to attach or edit information regarding beam and field angles so I could use a USSIT symbol or any symbol in fact? Somebody suggested using lighting info records. Any ideas?
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