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  1. Thanks, I'm trying to figure out how not to add a counter top. I see the "Counter" drop-down which is set to "None", but the counter remains. Is there another parameter adjustment that I need to use? & where is the "Counter Top" plugin?

    Forgive my lacking in this area.

  2. I'm trying to cut a hole in the top of a cabinet that I selected from the "Furn'Fixtures" menu in VW 10. My goal is to install a sink in the top of the cabinet. I'm drawing a Polyline on top of the cabinet then extruding it to penetrate the cabinet. I'm then selecting both, the Cabinet & Extruded Polyline. Then choosing "Model / Subtact Solids" command. At this point I get an error message "You have tried to create a solid which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this and try again"

    What's I'm I doing wrong & how best to cut a place to put my sink?

  3. Thanks for the help. For some reason when I create a Poly Line I'm only able to select "Extrude" and not "Extrude Along Path" why is this? I'm still using VW 12.5. Also, I'm able to get profile drawings of molding and extrude them, but it's hard to place them where I want them to go. Is there a better way.

    With the method you mentioned, Im I able to get any shape I desire?

    Do you have examples for the methods your talking about (i,e. Pictures)

  4. I'm wondering what the best way is to export a 3d model from VW2009

    so that I can put it on my web site so that it's interactive (i,e. so my web site viewers can rotate the model with the mouse) I've tried QuickTime export and it works but, it's jerky. Is there a better way?

  5. Got iT! Because there is so much Content, it needs to be accessed only when needed.

    So, accessing it via the "Content Browser" (Browse Document) is the way to load all needed content. Took me a minute, but I Got it!. Be nice if the "Content" also came as a PDF Booklet, so that it could be viewed by-the-page as well.


  6. I'm unable to view any Content in the "Content Browser" in VW 2009.

    "Display defaut content" is Checked in the Preference pane.

    Why is my "Resource Pane" not displaying any Content?



    2.8 GHz Core Duo

    4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    OSX 10.6.3

  7. I've created an exterior stairs with a top platform, then added hand rails.

    The Hand Rails were added correctly from the bottom of the stairs to the top platform, but for some reason once the rails reach the top of the platform

    it never completes by making that 90 degree turn to in-close the top platform.

    What I'm I doing wrong?

  8. No. 3ds does not separate the model good enough. The best way is to use

    Vectorworks Exchange. You can then add materials to any part of the model.

    Another export file format I've tried is "Export Stereo Lithography" that works better then 3ds. It doesn't work better then Vectorworks Exchange, but it's the second best. Once you import this format into C4d you need to "explode" it, & some times everything is not separated. So you end up having to work with polygons which is a time hog.

  9. I'm having having problems exporting from VectorWorks 12.5 to Cinema 4d.

    After selecting export in VW 12.5 menu, all of the normal export windows are open & everything seem to be working, but at the end of the process VW 12.5 does not generate a file at all.

    I'm using the updated version of the plugin from the Maxon web site.

    I running MacBook Pro 10.6.2 Snow Lepoard. Is anyone else experiencing the

    same problems & what can be done to fix this?

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