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  1. When I am exporting to DWG my files seem to lose all 3D qualities. I am exporting them to use in the light rendering program AGI. Anyone have any thoughts on why my DWG files revert to 2D? Thanks

  2. Okay so no responses, this is kind of upsetting. Basically I would like to take a symbol I have created for a unique lighting fixture, and then attach photometric data to it so I can use it in Rendering. I was told by my NNA Sales rep that this is possible in 12....anyone???

  3. This may be in an existing thread, but if not...is there a way in SpotLight to create you're own fixtures using photometric data or IES files? I work for a company that makes lighting fixtures that do not exist in the resource library. They are also flourescent. Thanks

  4. I did indeed do that this second time around, however not when I orginally installed it on this computer. At that time it was a fresh 11.5.1 download. I am also receiving the "Install Log not found" message when I try to go through the Control Panel to uninstall Vectorworks. Any suggestions on that.

  5. Everything was going well, I ran the Scan Disk, closed Norton and finally deleted VW. After installing from my VW 11 CD I was able to open the program just fine, no apparente erros. The same occured after running the 11.0.1 and 11.5 updates. After I ran the 11.5.1 update the problem reappeared. This is getting frustrating although I appreciate all of the help. Thanks

  6. There is 1GB of RAM

    3GHz Processor.

    I tried restarting and then launching works with no additional programs running (except norton). The same thing happened, I clicked on File and the program closed. Usually I am running VW with Microsoft Outlook Open as well as Firefox.


  7. Katie, I tried to open the program again and got the following message "The Instruction at "ox69639326" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be read.

    This came after an attempt to uninstall which gave me the message "Install Log not found".

  8. I am running VW 11.5.1 on Windows XP Pro. Up until yesterday everything was running just fine. Now everytime I open the program it closes the minute I try and open a file. Any suggestions. Updated everything and re-installed. Thanks


  9. I am runnign VW 11.5 on a Laptop with XP Pro, I use the HP 1200c here at work and was never able to print directly from my laptop (through USB) and always had to print to PDF first...I feel your pain, any ideas out there?

  10. Are you getting an error message?

    Yes. It says updated dongal Drivers need to be installed, restart vectorworks after doing so.

    Does the light on the dongle light up when you plug it in?


    Was the dongle unplugged while installing and then plugged in once the installation completed? Yes

    Did you restart the computer after that? Yes

    What version of VW 11 are you installing? VW11

    What OS are you installing this on?

    XP Pro Service Pack 2

  11. Hi. I've been using VW since version 9 (yes I know, not that long) but was never taught in school how to do 3-D objects. I am currently using VW 11.5, eagerly awaiting v12. Does anyone know of any resources that are good for introductory object creation. I need to create a set of 3-D symbols for my company's lighting fixtures. Thanks

  12. The points DO sit on top of each other. I always have the snap to grid/points turned on. The points do not cancel each other out, they shift slightly in tne direction of the line while slightly overlapping (I've checked this out with v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v10 and they all react the same). Again, take two lines, join them together and you'll have four handles even if the two ends of each line run into each other. I think I'm not asking for a "wish" as much as a "bring it back". Please.

    I have to say I just went into my copy of VW 11.5 and drew four lines and when they are all orginating from the same location and you select them all, there are four white dots (one for each line).


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