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  1. I like Christiaan's suggestion. I often have a hard time figuring out what class things are in when I import DWG from the architects. It would be most helpful
  2. I have to agree with Katie. I had problems when I intially started with the company I am at because ACAD blocks imported with horrible lineweights. 1:48 is fairly consistant at getting me a nice import.
  3. I don't have Illustrator, although on more complex designs I might be able to convince engineering to convert it for me. Thanks for the tip! Luckily in yesterday's PDF it was in 1/4" scale already.
  4. I just want to thank wwlighting for posting this, I never thought to import a PDF of a drawing and trace it when no digital drawing was available, and it turned out yesterday that was the best thing I could do for a client. THANKS!!!!
  5. Yeah..a bit harsh Islandmon but you have a point.
  6. Yes I did, and I just sent you an email. Thanks
  7. Katie - Thanks, I did indeed speak with someone about the online training and right now it is a question of funds (and convincing work to pay for it). I will definately keep it in mind. I wonder if I can email you a description of what I would like to accomplish and see you if have any idea on a timeline it would take, or how many exercises there are available. Thanks
  8. Anyone know of anyone who can do some 3D training in Pittsburgh, everyone even remotely close according to nemetschek's website is 5 hours away. thanks Erin
  9. Now is there anyway to make Text 3-D so that it stays in the correct location as I change views?
  10. Nevermind...I converted it to a 3-D poly and had a solid fill and it worked...atleast for now.
  11. Okay guys! So I got the one Polyline shape...but when I try to render it with a texture from the library it doesn't render, but I can fill it with solid colors. I've tried to render it as both a polyline as well as an extrude. Any other suggestions
  12. Thanks! I'll give it a go!
  13. I have a series of Lines and Arcs that I need to combine into a Solid Surface so I can render it. Any suggestions. Thanks in Advance
  14. have you tried to reinstall? making sure all registry keys are taken off?
  15. Christiaan you are exactly right. I have a drawing that is all in 1/4" scale, and it does not give me an option. You have to have a layer that is 1:1 to have the option.
  16. Thank you for your information Tom. My co-worker I believe is very much against me coming in with a new program and I think is trying to find a way to show that our programs are not as easily compatible, thus forcing me to learn AC. I do have the choice to resize to 1:1 sometimes. I have not yet nailed down why it is only on some drawings. Thanks again
  17. I could use some help with a co-worker...he uses AutoCAD and gets upset when I export drawings to him because he has to convert them to 1:1 (often because I don't think to change the scale before I export all my drawings for the day) He makes many comments about using Paper Space properly, now this may be my ignorance but is there a equivalent to Paper Space in VW and how does it function. Also does anyone know if it is truly a difficult task to take a DWG that is in 1/4" scale and convert it to 1:1 in AutoCAD? Thanks
  18. Does anyone know how to make the default connection length less than 2'10"? I am trying to make a 1'0" x 1'0" connector box for truss. This is my first time using the truss tool. Thanks
  19. If you are running on the Intel Chip in MAC's there have been many threads about the fact that VW 12 is not yet totally compatible. It will run but it runs slower and my buggy than on Windows. I am a PC user myself but have read the numerous discussions on this forum. HTH
  20. If it will import into a blank drawing. Cut and paste what you need. I have to import DWG's quite a bit and found that to be the most effective way if I need to put something into an exisiting drawing. HTH
  21. forgive my ignorance. but how does one do a screen shot. Thanks
  22. I was not aware that these forums were meant to be used to attack each other.
  23. Are you importing this into an exisiting drawing or a blank one?
  24. Has anyone out there completed this tutorial with success. I keep hitting road blocks at step 4. Creat Body. I am able to create the cylindrical body and flange but when I try to do the fillet Surface command and then Stitch and Trim I am unable to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Note to NNA: Pictures with the various steps would be helpful, instead of just a picture of what you should have at the end of each section. Thanks


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