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  1. Yes! Just found the Autodesk viewer. It's web-based, but pretty quick and easy. https://viewer.autodesk.com/ Thank you, Jeff.
  2. Anybody have recommendations for Mac-compatible DWG viewers—preferably free or low cost—for occasional checking of files exported from VW? I like to have a look at those files to make sure there aren't export issues before sending them to consultants. Been using Draftsight, but it's not very reliable (and may be costly now). Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. @Malbertal I have been having the same Monterey compatibility issues—no ability to save files being the most frustrating—despite having the most recent VW and MacOS versions (27.0.2 (622317) & macOS 12.0.1). I am also running two monitors. When I select 'save' from the file menu, crickets. I disconnected the secondary monitor and now 'save' is giving me a window...the ridiculously long (~1.5x display width) save dialog window that I was getting in VW2021 before the last update. So, that's some progress and, hopefully, VW will zero-in on this issue quickly. In the meantime, maybe try toggling through some options with the display setup.
  4. I had this same problem in VW 2014—importing a png turned the formerly transparent background black. The SOLUTION (for me anyway) was to open the png in a photo editor, save as a bmp, and import the bmp file type instead. T
  5. Oh well, although there isn't any great solution for the problem, I learned a couple of new tricks—callout alignment and layer import. Thanks! S
  6. Thanks for the reply. Any viable workaround?
  7. I'm working on VW2014 and a colleague is sending me files exported back from VW2016. When I copy/paste detail drawings from his design layer to mine (same scale), the callout shoulder length changes. Actually, the length value stays the same, but it goes from relating to the scaled objects to relating to the page, so a 12" shoulder that fits nicely in a detail now spans an actual 12" across the sheet after it is pasted in to the other file. I don't mind it either way—though I think the shoulder should relate to the page—but would like to set it one way and not worry about shifts. Is there a setting for this? Is it a problem of going between versions? Thanks for any help. Slothrop
  8. Is there any way to stop VW from creating the "publish log" text file every time we publish? Using VW14 SP5. Thanks, J
  9. I finished some work on a door schedule and clicked out of it only to find that the reference in the drawing had disappeared. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. After a few edits, some of my walls are developing gaps in the lines that represent their surfaces in plan. Is there a way to heal, or avoid, this problem? Thanks.
  11. Thanks, guys. I'll shift to dropping in windows and doors as symbols. Honestly, though, I don't understand why this has to be the case. If you have many different window/door configurations, you end up making symbols for each one and then altering all of them when the time comes to make some minor adjustment. Why can't VW edit mulitple window/door objects at the same time (e.g. changing all jamb dimensions to "fit to wall," or all sash lineweights to .25mm)? S
  12. Thanks, Panthony. That sounds like a good solution, though I'm surprised the window/door properties can't be changed all at once.
  13. Is there a way to edit several doors or windows together through the preferences window? For instance, could you change the jamb lineweights for multiple windows? I've been able to select multiple objects and open the preferences window, but the changes only apply to one of the objects. Many thanks for any guidance.
  14. Got it. Thanks again, Ray.
  15. Yes, the objects that had disappeared (moved) were, indeed, copied between layers with variying scales. Thanks for the solution, Ray. My other problem persists, however... The ability to select and modify objects on non-active layers seems to fade from some of my drawing files, even though I've got both classes and layers set to show/snap/modify others. The layers are visible, but not accessible. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  16. A couple of problems keep recurring... -objects on non-active layers are not available for selection even when layers and classes are set to show/snap/modify others. This feature seems to work for a while then breaks down. -objects moved between design layers disappear. Am I missing something? Note: I'm running VW12 on an Intel Mac. Thanks.
  17. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'll give each of them a try.
  18. This is an AutoCAD tool... Copying with a reference point that may or may not be a part of the copied objects. Very useful when using a benchmark to copy and paste betwen files. Does VW do this? I'm new to it.
  19. Yes, the core of our drafting machines are Intel-based.
  20. Yes, there are far more "dire" situations in the world than our inability to make window muntins in parametric models. Still, I'm glad that my office is not currently relying on VW 3D for our elevation renderings. Keep going! Looking forward to the resolution of all problems! Thanks for the quick reply (and thanks for VW).
  21. That Tech announcement is pretty dire. Any idea of how long it will take to get these things resolved?
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