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  1. What is the best resource for learning and practicing VectorWorks? I need to self learn it and am struggling to get into it. So any tips and hints would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks. As long as you have the dongle and the installation disk then it can be installed onto numerous computers then?
  3. Certain programmes have a limit on the amount of times that they can be installed onto a computer from a disc, is vectorworks one of these and if so how many times is allowed? With many thanks.
  4. Imagine a world where you've only used pencils and a computer only for emails then suddenly you're given a shiny new laptop and software and told to install it. Welcome to my hell Where do I install Vectorwors to when asked to make a selection? Thank you.
  5. See they weren't trick questions for all you sceptics. Thank you.
  6. I am a complete novice to VectorWorks and now that I have installed it via the installation disc, I am wondering do I have to have the Dongle plugged in everytime I want to use VectorWorks? Also once i have quit Quit VectorWorks is it alright to pull the Dongle out with its red light still on or should I shut down the computer before removing it? Thank you.
  7. I have a new computer, VectorWorks and I need a mouse. What do other people use or recommend as a great mouse?
  8. Thank you again for your reply and I was more interested in the 17" MacBook but my budget will only go so far as I have to figure in getting VectorWorks Fundamentals and RenderWorks too!
  9. Thank you for your replies. It's a hard decision and one that I need to make relatively quickly. I am more familiar with using a PC but have been told by various work colleagues to go the Mac route. I will be a realtive newcomer to VectorWorks too and the idea is to hone my skills outside of the workplace, I am just worried that the software difficulties may hamper my progress as I try to learn. The MacBook Pro was my first choice until I started to do some research! Now I'm confused! Or is it worth getting the MacBook Pro and Bootcamp and seeing how I get on? Sorry to ask so many questions but all help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. I am first time buyer and had been considering purchasinga MacBookPro 1.83 GHz but after reading the information on 'Technology Update: Rosetta Compatibility' I'm not sure if this would be a good purchase. Would it be more trouble than its worth and should I look for a PC Windows laptop instead?
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