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  1. I have been having problems printing from vectorworks to my hp800 injet. It works fine if I use set sizes such as 24x36 or with smaller files.

    If I try to print a large pattern say 36 x 84 it doesn't print. The print area dialoge doesn't even accept a size over 99". When I try to print a 3D drawing 30" forget it. If it is not complicated it might print at 17x22.

    This is not a problem printing a page of 2D drawings but anything large it doesn't print. We have printed very large files (90 megs) from Photoshop with no problem so it is dissapointing when 3 meg file doesn't print from Vectorworks.

    Are there any fixes for this?

  2. Thanks I saw the posting of GBlyth's. I'll look into the 2d alternatives. Guess it was just wishful thinking



    Originally posted by ajs:

    just for fun, I just tried exporting dxf from Poser 3 into VW9. It worked well enough, but the resulting figure is heavily triangulated, and not really usable, as colors also get Very Wierd.

    I have to go with MikeB, here. Look at GBlyth's entry near the bottom of 'Post Your RW 9 Renderings!' for some good advice on the topic, as well as a good source for 2D people.

  3. Does anyone know of a good source for 3d people. I have a couple but they have no clothes and this makes it awkward to use them in a corporate setting. I guess I could plug in some 2d folks from photoshop but they would look like paper dolls from some views.


    the pang

  4. I've seen some of the fine work you do with lighting design and I am intergrating my set designs with our lighting designer but it would be great to have more tools and resources for the set designer. Maybe a flat tool or a resource for curtains and drapes. It would be good for all of us if there were convient tools to layout and indicate fly systems including loads and then generate a schedule for the fly system. I can do it now but it is time consuming.

  5. look under training manuals at the vectorworks home page. There several very good downloads from Kent Goetz at Cornell University. I started using this program instead of lead and paper less than a year and his theatrical tutorials were essential to jump start me. We have a very busy schedule and I didn't have much time to learn the program. His Drafting a theatrical floorplan used familiar language and gave me the tools I need for scenery design. This is a big program and we don't need to be overwelmed with architecture where we need set design

  6. I'm using the program alot to produce plans for different productions and different production companies. It would be great if there was a reader so they could open/close/move about the page (including differnet sheets and zoom)/then print. In this day of email it would make life much simpler. Right now I have to either fed ex or send bit maps which are large files and not very fexible for reading.

    My clients have no desire to make the investment of the entire program if there was a reader I could send it along with the drawings or direct them to a download link

    Let me know if anyone else has need of this

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