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  1. I've tried the point source lights in a row. They use a lot of memory, increase rendering time and the cast shadows are from point sources so they radiate from one point and over lap this can be cool on the floor but it can get very hot on opposite walls. It's also hard to bend them around a corner like neon.

    The tube idea is interesting I'll give it a try.

    It just seems like a tube light would not be very hard to put into the program. They glow so there would not need to be a lot of editing options. Color temp would be nice (cool white, warm white etc), diameter, length, and other colors (to simulate neon).

    I wish I may, I wish I might.... [smile]

  2. I like to develop the 3d drawings first. I make a new file for the tech drawings because it keeps the size of the file down but it isn't necessary. create a new layer and a new sheet then copy the part of the 3d to the new layer. Trace it for each view you want to see. When you trace it you have have more points to snap to. It is also easier to dimension 2d elements. I like to put my titles on a seperate layer at 1:1 scale, when I make a new layer (layer 1) I also create a new titles layer (layer 1 titles) this might work for you

  3. I have been trying to use the grid shader and am confused about the settings. What exactly is being specified with the color height and width? How does this differ from the grid size? If I set the color and the transparency numbers the same will I get a grid with solid lines and a transparent background?

    When I set the size at the bottom of the create/edit texture dialoge box what am I setting? Is the width like for images or something else?

    I've been trying different things but what I want is a grid with 6"x6" holes and 1/2" lines. I know that I can make a grid and model it but the shader should be less memory intensive.

    Thanks [Confused]

  4. I'm having trouble finding out where the edit option in the new resource browser. I've tried double click on the texture but this brings up a rename option.

    I'm on a pc with windows xp with lots of memory and lots of speed

    Help [Frown]

  5. Hi

    The dialogue boxes are different. It seems that you need to select one of the texture options that has an "*" next to it that will bring up an open file dialogue box. After selecting the file you want to use as the image you need to set the scale to the size of the backdrop. Then you can extrude your very thin rectangle to the height that you need and assign the texture in the object info box. You can also set the size(scale) in the object info box under texture, mapping. It is helpful because you can adjust how it looks there.

    This isn't exactly step by step but maybe it will help grin.gif" border="0

  6. Hi

    We have the hp800 not hp800ps I'm on windows 2000. How can I send you the file that just would not print at all? I showed in the screen just fine and looked like it was being sent to the printer and then nothing happened. The size wase 36" x 60". It prints plans just fine so I know the interface works.

    frown.gif" border="0

  7. we have a HP 800 it prints great plans but when I try to print something large it freaks out. It either puts in the wrong size or just doesn't print. Does anyone have any experience with this printer?

  8. I have the opportunity to request the ideal workstation to work with vectorworks. I am limited to Dell computers.

    Anyone have suggestions for what to wish for. Should I go for dual proccessors? I would like to get into even more 3d and perhaps some animation. How much memory is enough? Is there something in particular I should request. What about two monitors more hassle than benefit.

    cool.gif" border="0

  9. Hi

    I've found that tinting the glass/plexi to a light green and adjusting the tranparency/shinyness gives a good representation of glass. Most glass has a slight green tint unless it is optical quality. So this makes it more real.

  10. Hi

    I had an earlier demo version of Artlantis and found out that it is disabled and cannot load or save files. Because of that it didn't work right with VectorWorks.

    After playing around with it as a stand-alone program I got rid of it because I could see how it interfaced with VectorWorks. I wish that they would have a demo that was full functioned but had a time limitation. Oh Well.

    Try calling them and asking for help

  11. We just upgraded to v9.5 from 8.5 and I was dismayed to find that my favorite workspace no longer existed. (8 standard streamline) When I call nemetschek the instructed me to recreate it. I'm very busy right now and so am not using 9.5 because I don't have time to recreate the workspace.

    Has anyone already done this? Could I download yours? Is there any easy/fast way to do this?

    I am on a PC running windows 2000 pro.

    I was very disappointed with the change in interface for the PC. shocked.gif" border="0

  12. Okay here's a challenge.

    My designer has drawn these ribbons I need to draw in 3D. They are long 8' to 12' They twist and undulate. I've tried to sweep a form but it works on one axis only these move to the side and also sweep. I've been trying the multiple extrude but I don't have alot of experience with it. I tried a stack of sticks each one angled slightly and growing a little, it ended up like a cylinder of angled boards. The depth of the ribbon is about 1" (we will bend aluminum pipe, weld it together and stretch fabric) Maybe I could extrude a pipe along a path, join them together and put a skin on it.

    This has me going in circles and feeling very confused.

    Help! confused.gif" border="0

  13. I am completely frustrated trying to position lights in a 3D drawing. I will position it in the plan view and then go to a side or front view to set the other angle and when I go back to the plan view it has moved to point in another directon. I keep going back and forth it has made lighting the 3d model much more time consuming than it should be. Is there a better way? Am I doing something wrong?

    I am running vectorworks 8.5.2 with renderworks on a PC frown.gif" border="0confused.gif" border="0

  14. Thanks Noidge for your imput. I don't expect a program to be perfect. VectorWorks is the best CAD program I have ever used it makes sense to me. I seems to work the way my brain works. I also like the variety of options for data entry.

    Didn't see the reply to my other posting. Thanks for the link there is good info there also.

    the pang smile.gif" border="0smile.gif" border="0

  15. We've heard so much about Version 9 that has gone bad, that we are hesitant to purchase the upgrade. Does anyone have something good to say about the new version. Some feature that they can't live without. We would like to stay up to date but if the program isn't up to speed we will wait until the bugs are worked out.

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