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  1. Hi Folks, Right, so I'm back on case here. I've used Workgroup Referencing to copy in the template into my drawing but only the Layers show up. Is it possible to use this method to insert Classes? Any ideas Islandmon? Thanks for your help, Jon
  2. In the meantime, could you use the divide line into segments tool from the advanced drafting tools? I take a line, add locus points but leaving the line intact and then do a point-to-point copy (a plugin) to paste the path object along the line. Might work, Jon
  3. Thanks guys, as I suspected. It sounds like something I've got to use a workaround for. I'm pretty surprised that it's not part of Vectorworks, seeing as class structure (layers) is absolutely fundamental to CAD standards within a company. Maybe I'll add it to the wishlist... I'm not sure what the work group reference protocols are, they don't seem to show up in my documentation. I'll keep looking though. My colleague was suggesting a similar method to your symbol method Dave, I was just hoping there was a simpler method. I really can't understand why you can't get classes and layers out of the Resource Browser but still. Jon
  4. I've recently moved companies and from AutoCAD 2004 to Vectorworks 12. I've started setting up some CAD standards at the new place and have a template drawing with a whole bunch of classes in. In AutoCAD, it's really easy to open a drawing from within its Design Center (much like the Vectorworks Resource Browser) and to copy classes, dim styles, text styles and linetypes between drawings. Is there any way to do this with Vectorworks 12? I can only see how to copy symbols and hatches with the resource browser. I guess I could start with the template file each time, but most of my work is adding lighting layouts ontop of architectural drawings that I receive as DWGs. Copying classes into the drawing works much better for this. Any ideas? Jon


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