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  1. I'm trying TC now and was curious as to how VW could be better for 2D drafting.
  2. Minimal foorprint, minimal memory resources to maximize satbility. QT7 is a 21MB install. I am an MPUI <http://mpui.sourceforge.net/> type of guy. I still want to try out VW, primarily based on your kindly suggestion at the AV forum, Quigley grin: . Have you guys tried VW with QuickTime Alternative <http://www.codecguide.com/about_qt.htm>?
  3. This is unfortunate as we only require the basic drafting features VW provides. Currently using Ashlar-Vellum Graphite, which provides most of what we need. We were hoping to eval a similar, lightweight alternative to AutoCAD...
  4. [Edit...] quote: ...Or perhaps we can be provided with a demo with[out] the features QT provides...
  5. We prefer to run clean systems, which means as few codec apps as possible. Our Windows workstations are custom installed with minimal DirectX and OpenGL support. That said, we would prefer not to install QuickTime in order to eval the demo of VW12. How to skirt the problematic issue of having to install QT? Is there a command line argument we can pass on to the executable to bypass the OT check? Or perhaps we can be provided with a demo with the features QT provides. Assuming QT exists for the sake of providing visual aid. That said, I'm sure most of us would be fine with the existing text-based documentation.


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