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  1. Using the General Notes Tool, is there a way to link threaded text from one text column to the next? My General Notes require 2 to 3 columns of text and I want to keep the numbering system sequential.
  2. You are terrific! Thanks for the quick response. I tried using the Find Resource Command using the search term ?panel? as well as several others like ?electrical?, ?electric?, ?circuit?, etc. and 16_Electrical_Panels.mcd never came up as an option. In my opinion the Resource Browser needs some refinements. One thing I?d like to see is a way to search all of the resources visually instead of having to open each one just to see what is inside.
  3. How do you create an Electrical Panel in VW12 Architect?
  4. How do you get the circuiting tool to work in VW12 Architect. I keep gettng the error message "There are no panels in the document". I have tried adding a "Panel", using the resource tool and giving it a unique name as suggested in the EXTREMLY SKIMPY help section. There ought to be a panel right in the MEP tool box I could add.
  5. Thanks. I have been using VW Architect for about 2 weeks now. Pretty impressive so far. Have yet to try exporting to DWG.
  6. Floor Plans, Elevations, and Sections (SVP I think is the correct acronym). My concern is general. Just want to be sure structural engineers, Architects and builders using ATD, Revit or programs like Chief Architect can read and work with any files I send them or they send me. Because other programs all must handle layers, lines and fonts differently I suspect there are going to be a number of issues that come up and I am tying to assure myself that VW is robust enough to handle them. What is "LL" by the way?
  7. Great to hear! Some of the posts I had read were really getting me worried. I had been looking seriously at ArchiCAD but it seemed a bit too much. I am not an Architect but a designer/draftsman doing home remodels and need to interact with structural engineers. Do you have any experience exporting to ATD and/or Revit users?
  8. Just purchased VW12. Afraid I've made mistake. Need capabilty of importing and more importantly exporting DWG floor plans, elevaions and sections to Autocad, ADT, Archicad (and possibly Revit) and users. At a minimum need to know if VW12 can reliably translate layers and pen weights? 3D extrusions and rendering are not as important. I am second guessing my choice as i just found out Graphisoft offers a start-up version of ArchiCAD for $2000 and it has a "translation" dialog feature that helps facilitate import/export.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Arch.Ken: I've been exporting to Autocad people for ages now, and "flattening" as mentioned by Duncan perfectly describes the process that I go through to ensure that every version of Autocad can read it (I do a bit more than just hit "export"). Ken, I am considering purchasing Vectorworks Architect 12. (Also keenly interested in Archicad v9) I am concerned about exporting from Vectorworks so that Autocad and ATD folks can read and print the files effortlesly. Does your "flattening" remove all the layers so Autocad and ADT users get only single layered docs or do all the layers translate cleanly? What about line weights? Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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