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  1. Yes, we have tried printing to PDF's also. I have also contacted HP Tech support, but no help - saying it's a VW Issue, and it very well may be. Islandmon - I have tried changing the margins like this: 24x36 drawing. Page Size set to 24x38 with 0 for all the margins. When the document prints, it's showing the "PAGE BOUNDARY" that is also shown within VW. Because my page size is set to 38", both sides of the 36" "page boundary" print. But, because the paper is only 24", the bottom of the "page boundary" prints, but the top of the drawing is cut off. What margin's are you using, mine are already set to 0? For some reason, the plotter is seeing the page boundary and wanting to print it.
  2. Does anyone have a Designjet 800ps that prints 24x36 without any problems? I have downloaded the latest drivers, checked the firmware, made sure print to one printer page is checked, but.... no mater what we do, the page is shifted. The Designjet sees the edge of the page on VW, and tries to print that inside the page margin. What we get is the a small line on the left and bottom showing the page, but things are cut off on the top and right. We have tried both VS 12, and 2008, both on a Mac.
  3. Thanks Ramon, but now that you have the column, how do you put a comment into it? I used to be able to type the comments in the data field, but its no longer there.
  4. As an interior design firm, Room Finish Schedules are obviously an important part of our business. Switching to version 12 has been a step back in time and reminds me of MiniCad version 3 or 4. Does anyone else have problems? or solutions? 1. Space Tool: 90% of the time we import an AutoCad drawing. Version 11.5 we had the option to use the Room Name Tool. The Space Tool, forces us to draw a poly around the room just to put the name in - an extra step we shouldnt have to do. TECH SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMERS - Using the space tool is fine, but dont force me to draw a poly around the space when it really is not needed. 2. Materials: We have always used the Assign Room Finishes tool, and created our own library of finishes. Our library consists of T-1 for Tile, C-1 for Carpet, Etc. In Version 11.5 if we had two materials on the floor in the same space, we would use the Assign Room Finishes Tool, then add additional finishes in the Object Info Box. TECH SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMERS - We need a way to add more than one finish to each space. We often have several finishes on floors, walls, and ceilings. 3. Remarks Column: What happened to the remarks column? Does no one else add remarks? We almost add remarks. TECH SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMERS - We need a remarks column. 4. Tech Support: I have already contacted Tech Support and gone through these problems. After no solutions, the advise was to post something to this board, because alot of the senior tech support and programmers read the board and can make changes to the program. I hope that is the case. I have used the program for almost 15 years, and although many of the changes in Version 12 are great, the changes to room finish schedules do not allow us to do our jobs efficiently. If Tech Support or anyone else has solutions to our problems, please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Robert - The room name tool is available, but in V.12 you are no longer able to assign room finishes to the room name - unless im missing something? I will send email to bugsubmit. Islandmon - Thanks for your comments. I dont think the space procedure is entirely separate from assigning finishes to wall objects. That is the only way to assign room finishes in V.12. I noticed you are a user since Minicad v1.0 so it sounds like we both know how to create a symbol, link text/records, and create spreadsheets. But, that is much more difficlut than the assign room finish tools in V.11.5 and you dont get to take advantage of an office wide finish library. We might have to do that - as last resort.
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